Hudson Yards: Unveiling New York’s Highest Winter Ice Rink

New York City, known for its iconic skyline and diverse attractions, now boasts another impressive addition: a winter ice rink that soars to remarkable heights. Located at Hudson Yards, the “highest outdoor residential infinity pool in the Western Hemisphere” during the warmer months, the venue has been ingeniously transformed into a breathtaking winter wonderland during the cold season.

New York City is no stranger to iconic winter experiences. From the ice rink at Rockefeller Center to the holiday markets in Bryant Park, the city comes alive with festive energy during the winter months. But there’s a new player in town, and it’s redefining the way New Yorkers and visitors alike embrace the chill. Enter the highest winter ice rink in the city, nestled in the heart of Hudson Yards.

A Vertical Winter Wonderland

Hudson Yards, the gleaming modern development situated on Manhattan’s West Side, has become synonymous with innovation and architectural grandeur. Its latest addition, the winter ice rink, takes this commitment to new heights—literally. Perched on the highest platform of Hudson Yards’ The Edge, the rink offers visitors an opportunity to experience ice skating like never before.

Hudson Yards, the mega-development on Manhattan’s West Side, has quickly become a symbol of modernity and luxury. It’s home to sleek skyscrapers, high-end boutiques, and some of the city’s most critically acclaimed restaurants. But during the winter season, it transforms into a winter wonderland that offers an elevated ice-skating experience.

Skating in the Clouds

The Hudson Yards ice rink is located on the platform known as The Edge, which extends 1,131 feet (345 meters) above the city streets. This elevation provides skaters with an unmatched perspective of New York City, offering awe-inspiring, 360-degree views of the iconic skyline, the Hudson River, and beyond. As skaters gracefully glide across the ice, they can take in the city’s landmarks, including the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and the Statue of Liberty, creating a truly magical and memorable experience.

Hudson Yards’ ice rink, aptly named “The Rink,” is located on a rooftop and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Hudson River and the surrounding cityscape. As skaters glide across the ice, they can take in the gleaming skyscrapers, including the towering Vessel and The Edge, the city’s highest outdoor sky deck.

The Winter Wonderland Experience

The Hudson Yards winter ice rink isn’t just about skating; it’s a full-fledged winter experience. Visitors can expect beautifully decorated surroundings, twinkling lights, and a festive ambiance. The rink is thoughtfully designed to create a sense of enchantment and wonder, making it an ideal destination for families, couples, and solo adventurers alike.

The Rink is designed to provide a luxurious experience, from the moment visitors step onto the ice. Surrounded by chic, glass-panel balustrades, skaters can enjoy the sensation of floating above the city. The rink is adorned with sparkling lights and a grand Christmas tree, turning the area into a shimmering spectacle of holiday cheer.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly outing or a romantic date night, The Rink caters to all. Families can create cherished memories against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, while couples can share a magical evening under the stars. Skating under the moonlight is a quintessential New York experience that The Rink delivers in style.

Culinary Delights and Entertainment

To complement the skating experience, Hudson Yards offers an array of culinary delights and entertainment options. The surrounding area boasts a variety of dining options, from cozy cafés to upscale restaurants, where visitors can warm up with hot cocoa, gourmet snacks, or a sumptuous meal.

In addition to skating, visitors can enjoy live music, seasonal performances, and other festivities that add to the festive spirit of the rink. The Rink offers multiple skate sessions daily, making it convenient for everyone, regardless of their schedule. After working up an appetite on the ice, skaters can indulge in some of the finest culinary experiences Hudson Yards has to offer. From gourmet hot chocolate to seasonal cocktails, the nearby restaurants and cafes make for a perfect post-skating treat.

Accessibility and Sustainability

Hudson Yards is easily accessible, with multiple transportation options nearby. Additionally, the development’s commitment to sustainability ensures that the ice rink aligns with eco-friendly practices, further enhancing its appeal to environmentally conscious visitors. If you plan to visit The Rink, it’s advisable to book your tickets and skating sessions in advance. The rink is typically open from November to January, making it the perfect setting for a holiday-season adventure.

Hudson Yards’ The Rink has undoubtedly added a touch of enchantment to the New York winter experience. As skaters twirl and families laugh, the city’s skyline provides a constant reminder of the magic that is uniquely New York. With its blend of elegance, charm, and community spirit, The Rink has swiftly become a symbol of what makes New York City so extraordinary, both for its residents and its many guests. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the city from new heights, surrounded by the glittering lights of the most remarkable urban landscape in the world.

A Symbol of Resilience

The opening of the Hudson Yards ice rink is not just a celebration of winter fun; it’s also a symbol of resilience and adaptability. In a city that has faced numerous challenges in recent years, this innovative addition demonstrates New York’s determination to find creative solutions and provide its residents and visitors with moments of joy and inspiration. The Rink isn’t just about providing an elite skating experience; it’s also about fostering a sense of community. It invites New Yorkers from all walks of life to come together, enjoy the beauty of their city, and partake in a beloved winter tradition.

An Elevated Experience

As New York City’s highest winter ice rink, Hudson Yards offers a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the thrill of skating with awe-inspiring panoramic views. It’s a place where winter magic meets urban sophistication, and where visitors can create cherished memories while gazing out at the city that never sleeps.

Whether you’re an avid skater or simply seeking a unique way to enjoy the beauty of New York City in the winter, the Hudson Yards ice rink promises an elevated experience that will leave you enchanted and inspired. It’s a testament to the city’s enduring spirit and its ability to reinvent itself, even in the face of challenging circumstances.


Hudson Yards’ The Rink, with its combination of sophistication, charm, and community spirit, has swiftly become a symbol of what makes New York City extraordinary. As skaters twirl and families laugh, the city’s skyline provides a constant reminder of the magic that is uniquely New York. The highest winter ice rink in the city has redefined the winter experience, offering a touch of enchantment and a sense of togetherness that exemplifies the spirit of the season. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the city from new heights, surrounded by the glittering lights of the most remarkable urban landscape in the world.

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