Olympic Games Paris 2024

In 2024, Paris will host the most significant event in its history. A century after their last appearance in the city, the Olympic Games return to immerse you in the unparalleled beauty of the world’s most enchanting metropolis. These Games will unfold across the expanse of France, gracing iconic venues with competitions that pledge to etch unforgettable memories into the annals of history.

The Olympic Games have always been a celebration of the human spirit, showcasing the pinnacle of athleticism, dedication, and international unity. In 2024, the world will once again gather to celebrate the Olympic ideals in one of the most iconic cities on Earth, Paris. The City of Light, already renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and world-class cuisine, will play host to the summer Olympics, promising an unforgettable event that combines the best of sport and culture.


The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will take place at various iconic venues in Paris and its surroundings. Some of the main locations include:

The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

Paris Olympic Stadium: The main stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held, as well as various athletic competitions.

  • Accor Arena (formerly known as Bercy Arena): Venue for sports events such as handball.
  • Stade de France: Used for athletics and rugby events.
  • The Seine River: The famous river in Paris will serve as the backdrop for some aquatic competitions, such as open water swimming.
  • Château de Versailles: It will be used for equestrian competitions.
  • Stade Vélodrome National: Venue for track cycling competitions.
  • Stade Roland Garros: The home of tennis and the setting for some Olympic competitions.
  • Parc des Princes: Used for football.

Various venues in Île-de-France: Sports facilities in the suburbs of Paris and other locations in Île-de-France will be used for various competitions.

These are just some of the key locations where the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be held. The event will leverage the rich sports history and culture of the city and its surroundings to offer an unforgettable Olympic experience. The Paris 2024 Olympics will feature a wide range of sports, including traditional Olympic sports like athletics, swimming, gymnastics, and more. Additionally, several new sports have been added to the program, including skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing. In addition to the Olympics, Paris will also host the 2024 Paralympic Games, which will feature a wide range of sports for athletes with disabilities.

Paris 2024 aims to leave a lasting legacy by focusing on sustainability, inclusivity, and urban development. The Games are expected to enhance sports facilities, public transportation, and the overall infrastructure of the host city.

Paris 2024 Hospitality

Introducing the official program, Paris 2024 Hospitality, which offers open packages for everyone. These packages provide guaranteed access to attend most of the Olympic Games sporting events, coupled with exclusive hospitality services at competition venues or in the heart of the cities. This includes accommodations, transportation, culinary experiences, and tourist activities, ensuring an unforgettable Olympic experience.



The official logo of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games was revealed on October 21, 2019, at the Grand Rex. For the first time in the history of the Games, the logo will be the same for both the Olympics and the Paralympics.


The official mascot of the Games was presented on November 14, 2022, and is named “The Phrygians.” It is a Phrygian cap, which Marianne wore during the time of the French Revolution.


Bids for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paris bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The bid process was announced on September 16, 2015. It consisted of three phases: Phase 1 – Vision, Concept of the Games, and Strategy, Phase 2 – Governance, Legal, and Venue Financing, and Phase 3 – Delivery of the Games, Venue Experience, and Legacy. On the same day, five cities officially submitted their bids to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to host the 2024 Summer Olympics—Budapest, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Paris, and Rome.

However, Hamburg withdrew on November 29, 2015, after its residents rejected the city’s bid in a referendum. Later, on September 21, 2016, Rome also withdrew its bid. On December 8 of the same year, the IOC approved the advancement of the remaining three cities to the third stage of the selection process. Budapest subsequently withdrew from the competition on February 22, 2017.

On March 17, 2017, the IOC took a step further by announcing the creation of a working group to study the possibility of awarding both games. On June 9, the IOC Executive Board approved the proposal to award both games. On July 11, IOC members approved the proposition during an extraordinary session in Lausanne. On July 31, Los Angeles and Paris agreed that Paris would host the 2024 Games, and Los Angeles would host the 2028 Games. The news leaked two months before the official announcement in September of that year and was later confirmed by the IOC.

A Historic Return

The 2024 Paris Olympics mark a historic return for the city, as Paris last hosted the Summer Olympics in 1924. Nearly a century later, the games are returning to the French capital, a testament to the enduring legacy of the city’s Olympic history. This makes Paris the second city after London to host the modern Olympic Games three times.

Dates and Venues

The 2024 Paris Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11. During these two weeks, the city will come alive with the spirit of the games. Many of the competitions will take place in some of Paris’s most iconic locations, merging athletic prowess with the city’s rich cultural backdrop.

Stade de France

The Stade de France, one of the largest stadiums in Europe, will serve as the centerpiece of the games. This iconic stadium, located in the northern suburbs of Paris, will host the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as various track and field events.

River Seine

The River Seine, which flows through the heart of Paris, will play a unique role in the 2024 Olympics. Open water swimming and marathon swimming events will take place in this picturesque setting, offering athletes and spectators an unparalleled backdrop for these competitions.

Eiffel Tower

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated venues is the Eiffel Tower, which will be used for sport climbing. Athletes will ascend the iconic structure, providing a stunning juxtaposition of nature and human-made architecture.


Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate that the famous Champs-Élysées will be the setting for road cycling events. Competitors will pedal down this historic avenue as they vie for Olympic glory.

Grand Palais

One of the highlights of the 2024 Olympics is the return of breakdancing, this time as an official Olympic sport. The breakdancing competitions will take place within the stunning glass-domed Grand Palais, marrying urban culture with architectural grandeur.

Cultural Celebrations

In true Parisian fashion, the 2024 Olympics will seamlessly blend culture and sport. The city’s rich history and artistic heritage will be on full display throughout the games. Visitors can expect cultural events, art exhibitions, and performances taking place across the city. In Paris, even the act of enjoying a meal becomes an artistic expression, and visitors can relish the culinary experiences the city has to offer.

Sustainability and Legacy

The 2024 Paris Olympics have placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, ensuring that the games leave a positive legacy for the city and the planet. Paris aims to minimize the environmental impact of the Olympics, and many venues will be converted or repurposed after the games for public use. This commitment to sustainability and urban development sets a precedent for future Olympic host cities.

Sustainability is a driving force behind the 2024 Paris Olympics, reflecting the growing global awareness of the environmental impact of large-scale events. Paris has pledged to organize the most sustainable Olympics in history, with a focus on minimizing the carbon footprint and creating a legacy that extends well beyond the competition itself.

The 2024 Olympics in Paris are committed to leaving a positive legacy for the city and its residents. Also, Paris Olympics is dedicated to setting new standards for sustainability while ensuring a legacy that goes well beyond the games. The focus on green energy, eco-friendly venues, improved transportation, revitalized public spaces, and the promotion of healthy living is a testament to Paris’ commitment to its citizens and the planet. These Olympics are not just about two weeks of sports; they are about creating a brighter, more sustainable future for Paris and the world. The legacy of the 2024 Olympics will be a greener, healthier, and culturally enriched city that continues to shine long after the final medal is awarded.


The 2024 Paris Olympics are much more than just an athletic competition; they represent a convergence of history, culture, and a shared human experience. It’s an event that transcends borders, bringing together individuals from every corner of the world to celebrate the values of unity, excellence, and friendship. The historic return of the Olympics to Paris after almost a century is a testament to the city’s timeless allure. The rich blend of modernity and tradition in Paris provides an ideal backdrop for the games. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the grand Champs-Élysées, every venue tells a story of both the city’s past and future.

But the 2024 Paris Olympics are not just about sporting achievements. They are a canvas for cultural expression, where the worlds of art, music, and culinary delights come together. The streets of Paris will be alive with exhibitions, performances, and culinary experiences that encapsulate the essence of French culture.

Furthermore, Paris is taking a responsible approach to these Olympics. Sustainability is at the core of the event, with an emphasis on minimizing the environmental footprint. This focus on sustainability, urban development, and public space revitalization paves the way for a lasting legacy that extends beyond the two weeks of competition.

In conclusion, the 2024 Paris Olympics are a celebration of human potential, bringing together the best athletes from around the globe. As the Olympic flame is lit once again in the City of Light, it not only illuminates the pursuit of excellence in sports but also casts a radiant glow on the cultural and historical riches of Paris. Paris is poised to deliver a spectacular event that resonates with both sports enthusiasts and those who seek to immerse themselves in the city’s unique cultural tapestry. It’s an opportunity for the world to come together, write a new chapter in Olympic history, and experience the magic of Paris in a way that only such a grand event can offer.

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