Pet-Friendly Paradise: Activities, Dining, and Lodging in Athens city

Traveling to Athens with dogs is definitely possible, but it’s essential to consider certain factors and follow specific rules and requirements before and during your trip to ensure a smooth and safe experience for both your pet and yourself. Here are the key considerations:

Leash Requirement: In most public places, dogs must be on a leash. This includes parks, streets, and common areas. Keeping your dog on a leash helps prevent potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situations.

Clean Up After Your Pet: It is the owner’s responsibility to pick up after their dog in public areas. Athens provides waste bag dispensers in many parks and streets, so be sure to carry bags to pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in the proper trash bins.

Designated Dog Areas: Some public areas in Athens have designated dog areas where dogs can run off-leash and socialize with other dogs. Make sure to follow the specific rules of these areas, such as maintaining proper control of your dog and supervising their behavior.

Beach Restrictions: During the peak tourist season, some beaches may have restrictions regarding the presence of dogs. Be sure to check local regulations before taking your dog to the beach.

Dangerous Breeds: In Athens, as in other parts of Greece, certain breeds of dogs considered potentially dangerous may be subject to additional regulations. These regulations often include the mandatory use of a muzzle and short leash in public places. Make sure to know the specific regulations for your breed if you have a dog that might fall into this category.

Noise Control: Dogs that bark constantly and cause disturbances to neighbors may be subject to complaints and fines. It’s important to train your dog not to disturb others with excessive barking.

Vaccination and Documentation: Ensure that your dog is up-to-date with required vaccinations and has the proper documentation. In some cases, you may need to carry a vaccination record when visiting certain public places or when traveling with your dog.

Respect for Public Facilities: When visiting parks, gardens, and other public spaces, make sure to respect the facilities and follow the specific rules of each location. This includes keeping your dog out of restricted areas, such as flower beds or children’s play areas.

Pet-Friendly Activities

Exploring Athens with your dog can be an exciting experience, and the city offers a variety of lovely places to stroll and enjoy outdoor activities with your pet. Here are some ideal spots to share with your dog in Athens:

National Garden of Athens (Ethnikos Kipos): This beautiful urban park in the heart of the city is a perfect destination for a leisurely walk with your dog. The National Garden offers spacious green areas, shaded pathways, and a small pond where ducks often swim. It’s an ideal place for a picnic or just relaxing while your dog explores nature.

If you’re looking for a more active hike with panoramic views of Athens, Mount Lycabettus is an excellent choice. Your dog will enjoy the hike along well-marked trails as you ascend to the summit together. Once at the top, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the Aegean Sea. Make sure to bring water for both of you and pay attention to local regulations.

Pedion Areos Park ,a public park, is one of the largest in Athens and offers expansive green areas, tree-lined trails, and recreational zones. It’s an ideal place for walking your dog, enjoying a picnic in the shade, or even playing fetch in the open fields. Be mindful of local rules regarding leash use and pet waste cleanup.

If you visit Athens during the warmer months and want your dog to enjoy the beach, you can explore some of the nearby beaches that allow dogs. Some of these beaches have designated areas where dogs can run and swim freely. However, be sure to research the specific regulations of each beach before you go.

Throughout Athens, you’ll find numerous local parks and squares where you can take your dog for a walk. These places are often gathering points for the local community and offer a relaxed atmosphere for your pet to socialize with other dogs and meet locals.

Exploring Athens with your dog can be a rewarding experience, and these places will provide you with the opportunity to create special memories while enjoying the beauty and culture of the city alongside your loyal canine companion.

Pet-friendly Restaurants

Athens is not only a culturally rich destination but also offers a range of pet-friendly places where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks while your furry companion joins you.

A great option is Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani, a culinary establishment in Athens perfect for lovers of Greek cuisine. The best part is that it’s pet-friendly, meaning you can savor authentic Greek delights in their outdoor seating area while your pet relaxes by your side. Sample local dishes and immerse yourself in Greece’s rich culinary tradition.

Take a break with your dog on the lovely outdoor terrace of The Underdog is a trendy Athens cafe and bar known for its pet-friendly policy. You can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee or a refreshing drink while your pet relishes the laid-back atmosphere.

As the name suggests, Tail Waggin’ Café is designed especially for pets and their owners.

This cozy cafe offers pet-friendly seating and, the highlight, a special menu for your furry friends. You can enjoy a meal or a beverage while your pet indulges in their own treats.

Pet-Friendly Lodging

When planning your visit to Athens, the charming capital of Greece, you might be wondering if you can bring your beloved four-legged companion along. The good news is that Athens offers a variety of pet-friendly lodging options, making it easier than ever to enjoy your trip with your furry friend by your side. Here’s a guide to pet-friendly lodging in Athens:

Coco-Mat Hotel Athens: If you’re looking for a boutique hotel that provides not only comfortable and eco-friendly accommodation but also extends a warm welcome to pets, Coco-Mat Hotel Athens is an excellent choice. They often have pet amenities available for your four-legged companion, ensuring a cozy stay.

Electra Metropolis Athens: Situated in the heart of Athens, this luxury hotel is known for its pet-friendly policy. They go the extra mile by providing pet beds and bowls upon request, ensuring your pet’s comfort during your stay. You and your pet can enjoy the opulent atmosphere while exploring the city.

Airbnb: For a more personalized and homey experience, Airbnb offers a wide range of pet-friendly vacation rentals in Athens. You can easily filter your search to find options that explicitly welcome pets. Many Airbnb hosts are open to accommodating furry guests, and you can discuss specific arrangements with them.

When booking any pet-friendly lodging in Athens, it’s essential to inquire about their specific pet policies. Be sure to ask about any associated fees, size or breed restrictions, and whether there are designated pet-friendly rooms. Clarifying these details in advance will ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay for both you and your furry companion. Additionally, always follow good pet etiquette during your stay. Keep your pet on a leash in common areas, be mindful of noise and cleanliness, and respect any rules or guidelines set by the accommodation. By doing so, you can make the most of your visit to Athens while enjoying the company of your beloved pet.


Athens offers a fantastic destination for pet owners who wish to share their love of travel and culture with their animal companions. With a pet-friendly atmosphere, a wide array of outdoor attractions, and accommodating establishments, the city allows you to create lasting memories while exploring this fascinating historical hub with your beloved pet. So, if you’re considering a vacation in Athens, don’t hesitate to bring your furry friend along; the experience will undoubtedly be all the more enriching and unforgettable.

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