Rome aims to host the Universal Exposition in 2030

The Eternal City, Rome, Italy, is in the midst of an exciting planning and preparation process to host the Universal Exposition in 2030. This ambitious proposal has captured worldwide attention and generated palpable enthusiasm both locally and internationally. If Rome is successful in its quest to host this prestigious event, it would be the third time Italy has organized a Universal Exposition, with previous editions held in Milan in 1906 and Florence in 1931.

An event of global magnitude

The World Exposition, also known as World Expo, is one of the most significant events worldwide. Held every five years, it brings together countries from around the world to showcase their technological, cultural, and economic achievements and to address pressing global challenges. Each Expo focuses on a specific theme that reflects issues of international importance. The 2025 Expo will be held in Osaka, Japan, under the theme “Designing the Future, Designing Life.”

The Rome 2030 theme: “Connect, Innovate, Inspire”

Rome’s proposed theme for Expo 2030, “Connect, Innovate, Inspire,” highlights the city’s vision for the event. This vision aims to foster global collaboration, drive technological and artistic innovation, and inspire creative solutions to the global challenges we face today.

Preparatory efforts

Rome is working tirelessly to prepare for Expo 2030. Some of the key efforts include:

Benefits for Rome and the world

Holding Expo 2030 in Rome would offer a number of significant benefits. Locally, it would boost tourism, generate jobs and encourage economic development and investment in and around the city. Globally, it would provide a unique platform to address common challenges and foster collaboration between nations.

Rome, with its rich history, culture and heritage, is uniquely positioned to host a World Expo. If successful, Expo 2030 promises to be an unforgettable event that will mark a milestone in the city’s history and contribute to the advancement of international cooperation in a world that needs innovative solutions and stronger global connection more than ever. Rome aspires to host an event that inspires, connects and innovates, and the world will be watching closely in the years to come.

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