Cities Close To Berlin

Cities close to Berlin
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Berlin is not only a city that serves as the top destination for tourists in Germany, but it’s also a gateway to many incredible towns and cities in its vicinity, which only add to Berlin’s charm with their history, culture, and natural beauty. These cities near Berlin are perfect options for day trips and short getaways, offering you a change in scenery and a chance to explore the sides of Germany that Berlin, as an international hub, isn’t able to show you. The top four cities and towns close to Berlin are Erkner, Ludwigsfelde, Potsdam, and Rudersdorf, each of which offers a unique experience that can’t be replicated in the urban streets of Berlin, and nor can be mimicked in other cities because the history and culture have subtle shifts which change how you view the entire experience. Luckily, these four are easily reached from Berlin itself. 

Erkner, Germany

Erkner is a town in the Oder-Spree District of Brandenburg and is nestled on the southeastern edge of Berlin, making it greatly accessible and a perfect first choice so that your trip isn’t as jarring because of a culture shift. With a rich history dating back to the 16th century, Erkner evolved from a small fishermen’s settlement to a town that blends historical charm and modern amenities, making it new enough to be picturesque and visit-worthy. To reach Erkner from Berlin, you can resort to public transportation as a cost-effective option. Berlin’s S-Bahn services this route, going directly from Alexanderplatz to Erkner in roughly half an hour. Other options are also available since it’s close by, but the train is most likely to be regular since this town is a little further away. 

In terms of attractions, Erkner is home to the Heimatmuseum, which is a museum that allows you to connect with the town’s past. Moreover, it’s placed in one of the oldest buildings in town, offering a first impression that mirrors the history you find inside. You can also check out the Mulberry plantation if you want an outdoor activity that combines natural beauty with history and practicality because the plantation dates back to the 18th century. Finally, we have the Berlin-Frankfurt Railway, which has played an important role in the town’s industrialization. Lastly, no trip is complete without food. Erkner has a wide variety of options through the most notable remaining German cuisine since you can try and savor local specialties and regional dishes.

Ludwigsfelde, Germany

The second place to visit from Berlin is Ludwigsfelde, which is a town in the Teltow-Fläming district of Brandenburg. It’s 23 kilometers south of Berlin and, therefore, pretty accessible for all visitors. More importantly, it’s situated in the heart of the Teltow plateau, which means it is framed by beautiful landscapes and natural beauty that looks amazing in photos and makes for a perfect detour from the urban streets of Berlin. There are also only approximately 25,000 residents in Ludwigsfelde, making it much less bustling than the capital and offering tranquility during a hectic trip. 

Since it’s relatively close, this town is also fairly well-connected to Berlin via the S-Bahn. It offers multiple chances to catch a train from Berlin Central, which then takes you all the way to your destination at Ludwigsfelde. There is also a well-connected network of roads, which means you will reach the location in record time, even if you can come via train, bus, or car. 

The city also offers various attractions to help visitors enjoy their brief visits, which are honed mostly on preserved historical landmarks like the St. Nicholas Church, which has a deep and profound history reaching back to the 13th century, and the Ludwigsfelde Castle, which was built in the 18th century. There are also local cuisine and dining options that allow you to experience authentic and traditional local cuisine, though international fare is also available upon order. There are cozy cafes, restaurants, and bars, and you can enjoy any of them around dinnertime. 

And, of course, Ludwigsfelde offers many accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. Visitors choose from cozy guesthouses, charming bed and breakfasts, or modern hotels, though, of course, for those on day trips, traveling back to Berlin is the top priority.

Best German Cities Near Berlin
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Potsdam, Germany

Brandenburg boasts its capital in Potsdam, which is also incidentally the largest city of this German state. It’s on the southwestern edge of Berlin and is even a part of the state of Brandenburg. It is situated on the southwestern edge of Germany’s capital and is part of the Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region, making the situation a little more complicated. 

Regardless, Potsdam is home to beautiful parks, palaces, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, giving them the added dimension of exoticism and protection. Of these, the Sanssouci Palace, for example, was built in the 18th century and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, making it a wonderful option for a visit. This also highlights the rich history that the city owes to, as well as the prestigious universities and research institutions that can be found within its borders.

Luckily for day trips and even travelers who intend to return to Berlin after experiencing the destination, Potsdam is well connected to Berlin. Most of the public transport systems are able to offer a path, but the S-Bahn serves the best, taking around 30 to 40 minutes per trip. However, that depends on the situation surrounding traffic and related aspects of transportation. You can trust the range of available dining options for food, from traditional German cuisine to the kind of food you might eat at home. You can also decide where to eat, from local cafes with semi-casual atmospheres to a complete, formal dining experience in starred restaurants.

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Rudersdorf, Germany

Rudersdorf is a small town that you can find in the Oder-Spree district of Brandenburg, making it close to Berlin as well and a perfect day-trip destination for the general tourist. It can be found on the eastern edge of Berlin and is known for its awe-inspiring landscapes and peerless natural beauty. This is also because forests and lakes surround the town, though that also gives it the added pleasure of marking it the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers and a well-earned respite after the urban city vibes of Berlin. 

To get to Rudersdorf, you can take the S-Bahn, which will take you from Alexanderplatz to the small town on the edge of Berlin. However, it’s also true that because of the surroundings and the landscape, the train will take longer and may require more than an hour of travel. It can be possibly faster by car or taxi, which you will use to travel to the area via the highways next to the city. 

Nevertheless, once you’re there, you can enjoy quite a few different activities and attractions, like visiting historical landmarks such as the Rudersdorf Church. This particular building is as old as the 13th century. You can also consider exploring the many charming streets and alleys, especially since they’re lined with quaint shops and cafes. Of these, you can choose from different cuisines, the one you want to eat and enjoy local or international food as you sit back and relax. Of course, there’s a high chance that a wider variety of options will be available from the local cuisine rather than the less-chosen Western menu.