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How to Visit the Humboldt forum
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About the Humboldt Forum

The Humboldt Forum is located in the Berlin Palace. It is a cultural institution that houses two former museums: the Ethnological Museum of Berlin and the Museum of Asian Art. The Forum’s basic roots can be traced back to the Ancient Prussian Art Chamber, established in the mid-16th century by Joachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg, making it a historical and cultural site of interest. 

Over the centuries, the collection has since evolved and expanded and eventually became distributed in the Museum of Asian Art and the Ethnological Museum, which means there is an endless opportunity to avail a Humboldt Forum guided tour to learn about it. In 2020, both museums were integrated into the Humboldt Forum, marking a new chapter in their (and Berlin’s) history. It’s no wonder everyone says visiting the Humboldt Forum is worth it.  

History of the Humboldt Forum

The two rooms of the Humboldt forum had their roots in, as mentioned previously, the Ancient Prussian Art Chamber and was named in honor of Prussian scholars Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt. It was first established as such in the 16th century, but it started being destroyed in the Thirty Years War. Rebuilt by Elector Frederick William and then moved to the Berlin Palace by the king, the Ethnological Museum is directly connected to the art chamber. At the same time, the Museum of Asian Art focuses mainly on the Indian roots of Asian art. 

A century later, in the early 2000s, the merging of the two museums was conducted, and it is now known as the Humboldt Forum, officially legitimized in 2020. However, it was only recently, in 2022, that the project was finally completed, with the East Wing coming to fruition. The showings case a wide variety and diverse range of artifacts and artworks that span both centuries and artwork, making it so uniquely satisfying to comprehend and preserve, especially under the curation of the project’s archaeologist Hermann Parzinger and art historian Horst Bredekamp co-directing with the founding director Neil MacGregor.

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Tips for Your Visit to the Humboldt Forum

  • Plan Your Visit: When you plan your visit, take information and tips from the Humboldt Forum’s website – once you know which exhibitions are happening, the events that are going to start, and opening hours, you’ll figure out which place is for you fairly quickly. Plus, you’ll be able to plan around crowds.
  • Check The Timings: Other than Tuesdays, the Forum is open every day; on Saturdays and Fridays, it is from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. Otherwise, it’s from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. Note which is best for you and how much time you want to spend. Also go over the Humboldt Forum map so you know where to go.
  • Take Your Time: Of course, considering how massive the Humboldt Forum is, you have a chance to go through and explore each section very thoroughly. You can take breaks and absorb the richness through a Humboldt forum walking tour.
  • Engage with the Content: Interact with exhibitions, participate in hands-on activities, or even fiddle with interactive displays because engaging with the content meaningfully enhances your understanding and enjoyment. Alternatively, you can take Humboldt forum tours when visiting the Humboldt forum
  • Attend Special Events: With performances, lectures, and special, exclusive events at take, you can take the chance for a more formal viewing where a new production of art or the display of a long-lost piece offers unique opportunities.

Humboldt Forum Tickets

The Humboldt Forum tickets price is varied – though some exhibitions do have free entries – but they have one thing in common: you’ll have to reserve a time slot or a ticket to ensure you have your turn. So even if the exhibition you’re attending is a free one, you’ll want to reserve a slot online so you’re not stuck in line waiting for the gallery to open up space. 

Of course, this also means that if you book earlier, it’s that much more efficient and beneficial for you, even if you’re concerned about Humboldt Forum ticket price, because you’ll be able to skip the line, breeze through the museum, and not have to worry about the limited time slots.

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How to Arrive to the Humboldt Forum

Centrally located, this Humboldt forum has a wonderful location, accessible by public transportation to ease access for most visitors and new travelers. The options available will offer a cohesive and open opportunity for experiencing Berlin at large and the Humboldt Forum specifically. Here’s how you can get there via the bus or the underground. 

By U-Bahn: The U5 to Museumsinsel or Rotes Rathaus offers the visitor an easy walk to the Humboldt Forum, though stopping at Museumsinsel will give you a shorter walking distance of 0.3 km. 

By Bus: Bus numbers 147 Neumannsgasse and 147 Berliner Schloss, or the 100, N5, or 300 to Museumsinsel work, allowing visitors to get to their destination.  

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