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Budapest is Hungary‘s capital, also known as the Pearl of the Danube. The dynamic history and modern charm of Budapest offer countless tourist attractions – catering to everyone’s tastes. If you go ahead to visit Budapest, you’re in for great fun! 

From the iconic Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion to the soothing Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest – there are dozens of Budapest attractions and activities to make travel visits delightful.

Know before you go Budapest

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Time zone

GMT +1



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Ferihegy Airport

Budapest Ferenc Liszt airport

Top attractions in Budapest

Expert help to plan your trip to Budapest

In our Budapest travel guide, we will surely make your Budapest trip memorable and fun-packed! If you want to explore the city’s full potential, with insights into where to stay, how to travel around, and the best neighborhoods and cities close to it, you’re in for great fun with us!

Enjoy Budapest

Budapest is a captivating fusion of history and culture, where each walk leads to hidden gems and quaint cafes in picturesque backstreets. If you wonder what to do in Budapest, worry not; there are hundreds of tourist attractions, cuisines, and activities to enjoy.

You can indulge yourself in the flavors of Hungary, from hearty goulash to delectable chimney cake, navigating local markets for an authentic culinary experience. Find serenity in the renowned Széchenyi Thermal Bath, a tranquil retreat within the city’s dynamic ambiance. 

In addition, you can frame timeless memories at iconic sites like Fisherman’s Bastion, offering panoramic views of Budapest’s beauty. Budapest isn’t just a destination; it’s a curated journey of joy waiting to be uncovered around every corner.