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What is the closest Chinese city to Hong Kong
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Southern China is famous for Hong Kong, and those visiting Hong Kong will know its magic like no other – towering skyscrapers, lush parks, effusive temples, and endless attractions. However, Southern China has other cities to be proud of as well. If you’re visiting the area, you might also be interested in cities near Hong Kong, in which case, you’re in luck because the area boasts diversity and captivating scenes worth exploring. 

From the historic charm of Macau to the industrial hub of Dongguan, each town close to Hong Kong offers its allure, cultural significance, or even simply a change of scenery, which might be why you’re interested in visiting. 


One of the cities near Hong Kong is Macau, and it has colloquially been pronounced the “Las Vegas of Asia.” As a former Portuguese colony (as is possibly evident from its name), Macau has a unique charm from the still-standing colonial architecture, historic cobblestone streets, and distinguished international culinary expertise.  One of the places you should visit as a tourist is the Ruins of St. Paul’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it an international landmark enmeshed within the area’s history. Visitors can also explore Senado Square, which is lined with pastel-colored buildings, shops, and cafes. It is a great way to unwind in the here and now after experiencing the past. 

And, of course, what is any “Las Vegas” without its casinos? Macau has many entertainment venues and fun options, such as the Grand Lisboa and the Venetian Macao. Still, beyond the glamor and glitz, you can also find more serene retreats like Coloane Island or Guia Fortress, which might be a better option if you don’t like the crowded and loud spaces that entertainment venues become. While you can go from Hong Kong to Macau by road via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the cheaper and more time-saving option is the ferry, which will take you there in under an hour. 

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In the heart of the Pearl River Delta, you will find Zhongshan, which is just waiting for you to discover it. It’s named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen, also known as the founding father of modern China, and the city is thus a source of great history and pride out of the many towns close to Hong Kong. A particular highlight of the city that tourists will find incredible is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. It’s a structure dedicated to the leader it is named after and symbolizes Zhongshan’s significance in Chinese history. Beyond that, travelers can also rest in Zhongshan Park, a perfect escape from the city’s busyness (especially Hong Kong’s). 

Similarly, for people who like to immerse themselves in local cultures, Zhongshan’s ancient towns will serve as a great incentive – Shaxi and Xiaolan are reverent memories of traditional Chinese life with their well-preserved architecture, narrow alleyways, and bustling markets. The culinary scene is no joke, with many restaurants focused on delectable Cantonese dishes and regional specialties. To get to Zhongshan from Hong Kong, you can take any form of travel, but the Bus is the cheapest option and will take around 3.5 hours. The fastest method, however, is using a taxi, which can get you there in 1.5 hours (but is much more expensive).


Next, we have Dongguan in the Guangdong Province of Southern China. It’s well-known as a manufacturing hub and offers many cultural attractions and natural wonders that interest travelers visiting cities near Hong Kong. For travelers interested in the intersection of history and culture, Dongguan has landmarks like the traditional Ke Garden, which has incredibly intricate architecture and is known for its beauty. 

There are other natural sights around the city, with lush landscapes and amazing countryside spots perfect for rest, relaxation, and the occasional picnic. On the other hand, travelers can also check out the Opium War Museum, another oft-visited museum throughout China. And, of course, Dongguan offers a delicious array of local delicacies and international cuisines to satisfy your palates.

The best way to travel to Dongguan from Hong Kong is by using the high-speed train, which will take around an hour and ten minutes. However, the cheaper – but longer – option is to take the subway and then the Bus, which will be more convoluted but help you stay on budget. 


Jiangmen is one of the cities near Hong Kong, which you can find on the banks of the Xijiang River in the Guangdong Province. It has a rich history, incredible cultural heritage, and picture-perfect landscapes. 

One of Jiangmen’s greatest attractions is the Kaiping Diaolou and Villages, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and is therefore popularized worldwide. It’s known for the unique architectural style that it embodies, which highlights its historical significance as well. Beyond this site, travelers also love the Diaolou Towers, which are pretty interesting for locals and foreigners in terms of architectural significance. 

Still, other than building and history enthusiasts, nature lovers can also find the occasional point of interest in the greenery of wetland parks to the physicality of leisurely walks, boat rides, and birdwatching. To get to Jiangmen, you can take most of the transport options, but the fastest way to get there is the train, which takes around one hour and forty minutes (with room for more or less), while the cheapest way is via Bus, which takes just under four hours. 


Another of the towns close to Hong Kong is Guangzhou, one of Southern China’s largest cities and the capital of Guangdong Province. It can be found only a short distance from Hong Kong (similar to the rest of the options on this list) and offers an exciting option of delving into the heart of China. Guangzhou attractions include the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, which is a masterpiece of traditional Cantonese architecture (intricate carvings included), as well as the Guangxiao Temple, which pinpoints the ancient roots of the city as it is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Guangzhou – more than 1700 years old. 

The Tianhe district is also interesting for newcomers, and you can explore another major city after Hong Kong, with skyscrapers, malls, and nightlife available. Besides its deep Cantonese connections, the Guangzhou culinary scene, beyond typical international options, is famous for its Cantonese cuisine. The most popular options for getting to Guangzhou are the train, ferry, or Bus. The train takes around one hour (give or take a few minutes), the ferry can take up to two hours, and long-distance buses cap at around 3.5 hours. 

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Finally, we have Zhanjiang, located on the southwestern coast of Guangdong Province. This coastal city has amazing beaches that any traveler is remiss about not visiting, and it has a rich heritage that makes it one of the most enticing options for travelers, both old and new. Unfortunately, this destination is further away from Hong Kong than the others on this list. Still, it’s also one of the most interesting and perfect choices for visiting Hong Kong before or after your visit. 

Zhanjiang’s main attraction is the coastline, which stretches miles along the South China Sea. The golden sands of Xiashan Beach or the rugged cliffs and caves of Donghai Island never disappoint. Other than the beach, however, attractions include charming fishing villages that offer fresh seafood and ancient sites like the Nanshan Temple, or even a fund day at the Zhanjiang Museum for a spot lesson on Zhanjiang’s cultural heritage. The cheapest transportation option from Hong Kong to Zhanjiang is a bus, which will take more than eleven hours but is good for your budget. However, if you want a faster option, you can book a flight, which will get you there in half the time.