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Step-by-Step Guide to Hong Kong Victoria Peak
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About Victoria Peak Tram

The Victoria Peak Tram is a unique railway in Hong Kong that takes visitors to the best of Hong Kong Island. Moreover, visitors adore riding it since it’s a must-do thing when you visit Hong Kong. The tram ride is almost 1.4 kilometers long and takes 8 to 10 minutes. It rises 400 meters high, offering mind-blowing views of the city’s tall buildings.

At the top, there are many cool places to eat, shop, and have fun. The tram starts at Garden Road Admiralty and goes up to Victoria Peak. Along the way, it makes two big turns. Some say it feels like a rollercoaster because it goes almost straight up! In 2022, they upgraded the tram to a newer, more modern version. It’s called the 6th generation tram, and it’s more comfy and gives you even better views.

History Victoria Peak Tram

The Victoria Peak Tram in Hong Kong, China, opened in 1888 and is Asia’s first cable funicular. It was originally designed by Alexander Findlay Smith, who studied railways worldwide for mountains and uphill areas, including Lucerne, Scarborough, and Mount Vesuvius. The tram’s wooden body cars carried 800 passengers on its first day and about 150,000 in its first year. The tram’s existence accelerated the residential development of Victoria Peak and the Mid-Levels. The tram’s system was powered by coal-fired steam boilers from 1888 to 1926, when it switched to electricity. In 2022, the Peak Tram underwent a complete modernization program to upgrade its track equipment, tramcars, operating systems, and computer-controlled electric drive system. 

Moreover, the tram is popular with tourists and local commuters, carrying an average of over 11,000 passengers daily. To avoid long lines, visit early in the morning or skip weekends and holidays. Despite wars and the city’s rapid growth, the tram has stood the test of time. When you ride it, you follow in the footsteps of famous people who’ve been on it for years. 

Why is Peak Tram famous?
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Tips for Your To Visit Victoria Peak Tram

  • Plan your visit: The quietest time is before 9 AM, allowing you to enjoy the tram ride and views without the crowds. Planning your visit on weekdays or non-holiday periods is best to minimize wait times and congestion.
  • Buy tickets in advance: Consider buying tickets online and selecting a two-hour time slot. This will grant you priority access upon arrival, bypassing the regular ticketing queue.
  • Utilize an Octopus Card: Instead of purchasing tickets on-site, use an Octopus Card to expedite your entry process. While the tram queue may be lengthy, you’ll skip the hassle of waiting in the ticketing line.
  • Optimal Seat: When boarding the tram, aim for seats on the right side during your ascent and the left side during your descent. This positioning offers the most breathtaking vistas of Hong Kong’s skyline and surrounding landscapes.
  • Consider alternative transport: If you’re open to other modes of transport, taxis and buses are readily available. Additionally, you can drive or take a bus to Victoria Peak and enjoy the tram ride back down the mountain, offering a different perspective.

Victoria Peak Tram Tickets

The Victoria Peak Tram in Hong Kong offers various ticket options for visitors. A single-trip ticket costs around HK$62, while a round-trip ticket costs HK$88. Special combo tickets are also available for those looking for a combination experience at HK$122 for a single trip and HK$148 for a round trip. Additionally, visitors can purchase tickets for Sky Terrace 428 at HK$38. Holders of a “Registration Card for People with Disabilities” are offered a discounted rate of HK$75. These ticket prices provide access to the iconic Peak Tram experience, allowing passengers to enjoy breathtaking views as they ascend to Victoria Peak.

However, tickets for the Victoria Peak Tram in Hong Kong can be purchased online or at the Peak Tram Upper Terminus (The Peak Tower). Payment options include cash, major credit cards, digital wallets, and the Octopus Card, which is accepted at the gate. The Peak Tram offers an affordable and fascinating journey to Victoria Peak, operating at 15–20-minute intervals between the Peak Tram Lower Terminus in Central and the Peak Tram Upper Terminus at The Peak.

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How to arrive to Victoria Peak Tram

Arriving at the Victoria Peak Tram is a straightforward and hassle-free process! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your way to this iconic attraction.

By Bus: Take the 15C bus from the Piers or City Hall to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus. Get off at Garden Road, right where the tram starts. Or, you can take the 12 or 12M buses, which stop near St. John’s Cathedral. From there, it’s just a quick 2-minute walk uphill to the tram.

By MTR (Subway): If you prefer walking, you can take the MTR to Central or Admiralty stations. From Central, follow signs after exiting J or K. From Admiralty, follow signs after exiting C1. It’s about a 12-minute walk from either station.

By Bus from Star Ferry: Another option is taking the bus from the Star Ferry in Central. It’s a straightforward ride and costs only 4.20 HKD.

The Peak Tram in Central & Western District
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