Best time to visit Madrid

When is the best time to visit Madrid?
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If you’re planning a trip to Madrid then choosing the right time to travel there can really make your experience in this Spanish capital that much better.  After all, even if Madrid’s rich heritage, amazingly prominent street life, and countless endless attractions are a great appeal, if the weather in Madrid isn’t good enough, your time there will be less fun than it could be. So if you’re ready to figure out the best time to visit Madrid, join us on this journey to consider the different seasons, which will make your trip to Madrid unforgettable.

The Weather in Madrid 

Understanding the weather in Madrid offers you the chance to improve your plans and edit your decisions on which attractions to visit during your stay. Don’t worry – your trip to Madrid won’t allow you to lose out. After all, there’s a little something for people to do no matter what the weather in Madrid is. Still, in terms of the larger climate, Madrid is warm, temperate, and subtropical, and its location in the middle of Spain places it on a plateau that allows it to enjoy overall dry weather. Indeed, the city is one of the sunniest and hottest places to visit, so if you’re looking for a little bit of sun, this is the perfect place for you! Similarly, there are very few rainy days.

So, if you’re trying to persevere through the weather in Madrid to explore all the sites, remember to have sunblock, lots of hydration, and an understanding that the sun is forever Madrid’s close companion.

Summer in Madrid

June to August jumps out with hot and sunny weather in Madrid. The city here comes alive with festivals, and the prominent vibrancy of its street life makes it the best season to visit Madrid. Summer in Madrid offers a rough average temperature of 31°C or 88°F, making certain days unbearably hot, but others mark it the perfect climate for midsummer, where the occasional thunderstorm is not a deterrent but rather one of the factors that make it even more appealing.

Best season to travel to Madrid
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Autumn in Madrid

You can also visit when there is autumn in Madrid, which falls around the time of September to November. In these months, Madrid transforms itself into a picturesque environment where you can enjoy the scenic beauty and be one with nature.  The average temperature can be found wavering around 16°C or 60°F, marking it as a pleasant turnabout from the hotness of the summer. You won’t have to wear the same outfits and can enjoy the break (and a little bit of coolness) before jumping into something less serious. 

Spring in Madrid

Tourists will find the best of the city in the season of beauty and life. Spring in Madrid comes roughly around the second quarter of the year. Of all these other options, this one can boast a bit of rainfall, which makes it the best season to visit Madrid. The temperatures for Spring in Madrid average roughly 12ºC or 54ºF, making it the perfect condition for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Witness the city come to life with flowers in parks and gardens, such as Buen Retiro Park and Campo del Moro. Spring in Madrid offers a delightful atmosphere, which means you can combine the beauty of nature with a myriad of cultural events. 

Winter in Madrid

Thirdly, you can enjoy Winter in Madrid, which moves from December to February, bringing colder temperatures and a method of exploring the city with fewer crowds. If that’s your priority, then Winter is certainly the best season to visit Madrid, providing a quieter experience while you enjoy the cultural attractions. The temperatures can go as low as 10°C or 50°F.