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Towns near Madrid
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Madrid is not only the city known as the heart of Spain, but it is also securely in the center of the country, giving easy access to anywhere you want to go (inside Spain). In that way, exploring your itinerary and learning more about the cities close to Madrid becomes so much more important. After all, with secured accommodations in Madrid, you can enjoy day trips from Madrid to any one of the neighboring cities with ease. These cities, from Toledo to Aranjuez to Cuenca, all offer a little more insight into Spain’s culture, history, and wonder. If you so choose to take advantage of your visit to Madrid, you can explore further in these locales as well. 

Historic Cities near Madrid
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Segovia is truly a fairy tale destination for any tourists thinking of taking day trips from Madrid. Retaining the charm of certain old Spanish cities, this location has had areas declared as world heritage sites by the UN, making it a historically lucrative visit as well. Moreover, it has an endless array of attractions like the iconic Roman Aqueduct and the Alcazar, a fortress that comes right out of a storybook and truly gives Segovia that fairytale feeling. Other attractions include the Segovia Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor, and countless other houses and museums that place it as one of the more visited tourist cities close to Madrid.

Getting to Segovia isn’t too difficult either, and it’s an easy 1 hour and 10 minutes ride via car from Madrid through the A6 and the AP6 toll motorways. You can also reach it through the N603 (San Rafael-Segovia). If you want to try getting there by coach, you can take the approximately 1-hour ride from Príncipe Pío Station. Lastly, the train is also available to take you, and you can get there in around 25 minutes through the Madrid – Chamartín – Clara Campoamor Station.


As another UNESCO World Heritage site, Aranjuez does not disappoint. Not only is it a sparkling rendition of the regal lives and destinations of royals throughout Spanish history, but it’s also home to expansive gardens that allow it to shine. Aranjuez is where the Tagus and Jarama rivers meet, which in turn feeds into the beauty and nature of the city. If you’re taking a Madrid day trip to this location, you can find yourself immersed within the marvels of the Baroque architecture of the Royal Palace and the endless yet tranquil lands of the Jardín del Príncipe, which offers you fountains, sculptures, and landscaped gardens. 

This is closer to Madrid than Toledo and Segovia, and by car, you only need 40 minutes to reach Aranjuez through the Andalusia Motorway (A-4). If you’re taking the bus, you can get there at the same time using the Estación Sur Coach Station (Méndez Álvaro). Sadly, the train is not faster when trying to reach Aranjuez, and will also take 40 minutes since you’ll have to board from Atocha station, but this rail ride has its own history – it recreates the first rail trip to Madrid, so you have to see which option appeals to you the most. 

Best towns near Madrid
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On one of your Madrid day trips, you can step into a practical medieval fortress city by visiting Avila, where history has been engraved in the well-preserved walls that encircle the old town, which has also, incidentally, declared it a world heritage site. These walls also offer incredible panoramic views of Avila’s surrounding landscape, making them a wonderful destination. To supplement your trip to Avila, you can visit the other incredible attractions in this city, including the Avila Cathedral, the Basilica of San Pedro and the Basilica of San Vicente, the St Teresa Convent and Museum, and much more. 

To get to Avila from Madrid, you can choose the 1-hour ride via the car on the A6 Motorway, the 1-and-a-half-hour bus journey from Estación Sur de Autobuses, or choose the train via the Madrid – Chamartín – Clara Campoamor Station to arrive in around 85 minutes at your destination. 

Towns to visit in Madrid
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Last but not least, we have Cuenca, another historically fortified city in Spain. It was created as a lookout point between the gorges of two rivers, the Huécar and the Júcar, and the history behind it has placed it securely as another one of Spain’s endless world heritage sites. As one of your Madrid day trip destinations, Cuenca is a perfect choice for its medieval allure and surreal beauty. In fact, the city’s iconic features are at your service, and you can use this chance to visit the Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses), which cling to the cliffs in an almost impossible way. You may visit the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art to appreciate Cuenca’s cultural offerings in a more general way. 

Other attractions include the Plaza Mayor, the gothic Catedral de Santa María de Gracia, the Puente de San Pablo, and the Torre Mangana, all of which are attractions you don’t want to miss out on visiting on these day trips from Madrid. To get to Cuenca from Madrid, you’ll need two hours by car on the A-3 via the A-40 in Tarancón. If you’re going via bus, it will take two and a half hours through the Estación Sur Coach Station. The train, however, will take the shortest time at just under an hour (only 50 minutes) if you travel from the Atocha station on the AVE.

What are some pretty towns close to Madrid?
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If you have some time after completing your Madrid tours and attractions, your first choice for day trips from Madrid can only be Toledo. As one of the cities close to Madrid, this location is the perfect choice for you. Not only is this a tourist hotspot and therefore full of any and all necessities you may come across during your visit, but it is also nestled on the banks of the Tagus River, embodying a medieval masterpiece that beckons history and art lovers from all over the world. In fact, this has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Otherwise, Toledo is also well-known as the city of three cultures, for the history of this city boasts the influence of Christians, Muslims, and even Jews, inviting a blend of the three Abrahamic religions that is remembered even today.

Toledo is also at a fairly short distance, allowing you to take a Madrid day trip without imposition. By car, the approximate distance amounts to a 1-hour drive, especially if you take the A42 motorway, but you can also try to shave off ten minutes if you choose the AP41 toll motorway. On the other hand, you can also check out other options and Madrid tours, which provide you access to a bus. This option, from the Plaza Elíptica transport hub, takes an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes. Finally, if you really want to be fast about it, you can also choose the Madrid train from the Atocha station, which takes 25 minutes at most.