Top things to do in Madrid

Top-Rated Things to Do in Madrid
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As the wondrous capital of Spain, Madrid is a city with no limits, and with that in mind, we bring you the top 10 things to do in Madrid. From the far reaches of the parks and stadiums to the astounding wonder of local markets and museums, the city will not disappoint. If you’re looking for things to do in Madrid that go beyond the basic options, you can visit the Gran Via and experience the city’s center from a perspective you never had before. Moreover, you can take a wildlife tour to understand the endless creatures that call this city home. Don’t hesitate to jump into this Madrid visitor guide for in-depth information on what to do.

Explore the Heart of Madrid: Gran Vía Unveiled

Very few places in the city truly encapsulate the city’s spirit, but the Gran Via is one of them. As one of the top sites to visit in Madrid, this location is a bustling thoroughfare at the center of the city.  One of the top things to do in Madrid is to walk along this (loosely translated) ‘Great Way’, also called by some people the Spanish Broadway. It is one of the city’s busiest commercial destinations, boasting everything from shopping and hotels to movie theaters for visitors. 

The Gran Vía Madrid city center is also a destination for leading architects and art connoisseurs, with an amalgamation of architectural styles lacing the streets – from revival to Plateresque to Art Deco; the beauty of Gran Vía Madrid is not to be underestimated.  In addition, since the early 2000s, shopping in Madrid has become even more inclusive in these streets, with shopping centers and malls opening across the alleys. Other notable destinations on this Madrid city center street include the Edificio Metrópolis (Metropolis Building), the Edificio Grassy, and more.  Gran Vía Madrid leads from Calle de Alcalá to Plaza de España – your perfect destination.

What to do in Madrid
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Embark on a Football Odyssey with Madrid’s Legendary Stadiums

Football in Spain is a sport that steals the hearts and love of people worldwide. People go from all over the world, hoping to catch sight of stadiums and players who participate in unforgettable matches inside them. None are as iconic as Madrid’s, for its incredible history of football, matches, and players, marking any Real Madrid Stadium as one of the main Madrid tourist attractions for visitors and football lovers. 

Indeed, with your intentions geared toward this part of your visit, you can take the time to take a Santiago Bernabeu tour, or, if this top real Madrid stadium is overfilled, then visit the Estádio Civitas Metropolitano, another such destination. From there, you can look for and take advantage of an Atletico Madrid Stadium tour, which has the dual benefit of being a tour of competition-winning stadiums and a look into one of the world’s leading professional football clubs. Take this chance to immerse yourself as much as possible into the world of football in Spain and satisfy your inner sports-loving child with all the top Madrid tourist attractions. 

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Discover Madrid’s Wild Wonders: A Wildlife Expedition

One of the fun things to do in Madrid is transcend beyond the architecture, art, and manufactured beauty of the city – and that is the wildlife scene of the city.  You can visit the Madrid Zoo, a haven for animal enthusiasts and nature lovers, with tons of educational activities like informational sessions and events with sea lions and birds of prey. These are perfect for a small event to spruce up your day. 

Special talks on incredible animals such as Giant Pandas, Rhinoceroses, and even an odd Iberian Lynx are held for interested visitors. Of course, there are other events and schedules that change, so you’ll have to watch for what’s happening on a particular day. 

Despite this, the Madrid Zoo has endless exhibits of some of the best and most incredible animals; whether you’re interested in Bengali tigers or White-tailed Wildebeests, this place is the one for you, so book your Madrid Zoo tickets as soon as possible. On the other hand, you can also check out the Madrid Aquarium, also known as the Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, because it is right alongside the zoo. If you’re interested in marine creatures, this is your destination, with creatures like Dolphins to appeal to every visitor.

Discovering Tranquility: Madrid’s Parks and Gardens Unveiled

Some of Madrid’s best places to visit include parks and gardens, which take your breath away. With a focus on serenity, beauty, and oneness with nature, Madrid Parks is the answer to your concern about where to spend the day.  A few of the many Madrid Parks may catch your attention the most. 

For one, the Real Jardín Botánico is more than just a garden – it is a center point of more than 250 years of history and culture for the people of Madrid. Moreover, since 1939, it has also been the home to a research center for the CSIC. 

As a living, breathing museum and arboretum, the Real Jardín Botánico is home to more than 5500 plant species. On the other hand, you could also visit the Parque del Oeste near the Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid, making it a perfect social destination. While it may not have as long or rich a history as the Jardin, it remains true that the Parque del Oeste still has a fascinating past, making beauty arise from a literal landfill.  The third park in this equation is El Retiro Park, one of the city’s largest parks. Nearly one-and-a-half kilometers are sprawling in the center of Madrid, with gardens, monuments, galleries, an artificial lake, and venues. 

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Traversing Time and Tradition: A Stroll Through Madrid’s Iconic Landmarks

If you want to explore Madrid landmarks and such destinations for this city of Spain, you’ll want to discover the iconic and truly incredible Madrid landmarks, including destinations for the Puerta del Sol and even Puerta de Alcalá.  On the one hand, you can spend your time in the heart of historic Madrid in the Plaza Mayor, one of the city’s symbols, represented by a huge Esplanade built by King Philip III. 

Then you can visit the Puerta de Alcalá, a neo-classical gate built in the Plaza de la Independencia. It’s near the city center and just a short distance away from El Reitro’s main entrance.  Of course, another visit on your trip through Madrid landmarks that you don’t want to miss must be a stopover at the Cibelies palace – formerly known as Palacio de Comunicaciones, this building opened in 1907 and still maintains its facade of historical elegance. Then we have the Puerta Del Sol, which is the heart and soul of Madrid, a public square that remains busy year-round. You can take walking tours Madrid to any one of these locations or, indeed, recommend someone for this as well, and they’re all open for your visit in the streets of Spain’s capital city.

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Savoring Local Flavors: A Culinary Expedition through Madrid’s Markets

With Madrid, you don’t just have to satisfy yourself by exploring the art and aesthetic side of things. You can also dip into gastronomic adventures and the exotic newness of Madrid markets that mark themselves as some of the top things to see in Madrid for any visitor, old or new.  You can indulge yourselves in these incredible local Madrid markets by exploring their inner workings. Moreover, you can choose specific destinations to be able to experience the true nature of the Madrid markets so that you can have a ‘flavor’ of the locals. 

One such local market is the San Miguel Market, a space more than a hundred years old. In fact, it was coined and came into practice in 1916 and has since been one of the Madrid markets quite well known for its position on the things to do in Madrid list. But the Madrid food tour does not end here. The El Rastro market is at the heart of the La Latino district in Madrid and is famous for being the local flea market that opens every Sunday and every bank holiday. And, of course, you can miss out on the Mercado de San Anton, which has three levels of gourmet and cooking, making a gastronomic heaven for people interested in the field while also placing it at a cultural nexus.

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Museums in Madrid: A Cultural Odyssey

The next thing that lines up when thinking of things to visit in Madrid is visiting museums and historic sites to explore the culture. After all, Madrid’ ’s cultural history is interwoven with the history of the objects, art, and architecture collected within the halls of the museums in Madrid, making them truly in demand. For your visit to the area, you can split your time between the various options. One of the top museums in Madrid is the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, i.e., the National Museum of Madrid. It hosts a permanent collection you can visit any time, made up of almost a thousand paintings, with just a Thyssen Bornemisza Museum ticket, or wait to consider your entry for some of the temporary exhibitions if you want to see something special. 

On the other hand, if the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum does not fulfill your needs, the Museo del Prado certainly will. Officially known as the Spanish National Museum of Art, this setup represents the culture in Madrid, which would take your breath away. From the wonders of David by Caravaggio to the countless artists marking Spanish history, the Museo del Prado will not disappoint.

Interior of the Prado museum

Madrid Las Ventas: A Cultural Spectacle of Spanish Traditions

Your journey through Spanish culture is not complete without weaving through the Spanish culture of Madrid Las Ventas. Las Ventas as a location refers to the bullfighting ring (the largest in Madrid, in fact) placed within a building in the Guindalera quarter and was inaugurated in 1931.  Its size even marks it as the third-largest bullfighting ring in the world. 

This means the bullfights in Madrid have carved out a place for themselves in Madrid’s history and Spanish culture, making Madrid bullrings some of the most visited places in the city. Indeed, even if we consider more than the history of Madrid Las Ventas, the building has aesthetic and architectural value as well, which makes it not surprising that the location has, at various points, hosted important events like Concerts, theater, tennis, and so on.

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Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

No culture is fully seen without exploring its theological undertakings, and the same can be said about the Spanish religion in Madrid, which centers on the Basilica de San Francisco el Grande church. This cathedral in Madrid belongs to the Roman Catholic church in the city’s center, whose main facade looks over the Plaza of San Francisco, which is at the intersection of Bailén, Gran Vía, and the Carrera. 

The church was originally designed by King Charles III and completed by Francisco Sabatini and Miguel Fernández in 1784. The most majestic of its components refers to the dome atop the exterior, which is 33 meters in diameter. The inside of the Basilica de San Francisco el Grande cathedral in Madrid doesn’t disappoint either, with artwork and culture melding through the work of priceless artists like Francisco de Goya. 

Escaping the Bustle: Day Trips from Madrid

Madrid itself is endlessly beautiful but, it’s also true that sometimes, you want to explore the hustle and bustle and step out for a bit. It’s at points like these that the best day trips from Madrid become a nice possibility to consider. After all, while you may not lack tourist activities in Madrid, there are limits to how much time you can spend in one city without losing your attention span.  And in that case, taking day trips from Madrid, like the Avila and Toledo tours, is your best bet. 

The Avila tour offers you the chance to visit a quaint town that is open (and recommended) to visit alongside your friends and family, for it blends the bright charm of tourist activities in Madrid with the small-town charm of Avila to form a truly unique experience. Destinations in Avila include the Teresian Avila or the Leyends of Avila, or, indeed, check out the beautiful night market. Another option you have is the Toledo tour, which is one of the best day trips from Madrid. It is famous for being the seat of a very powerful archdiocese for much of its history, which marks it as historically prominent and, indeed, careful in its conception. It’s also no wonder that it has a majestic Gothic cathedral. Don’t miss out on your day trips from Madrid – choose the Avila or Toledo tour for your own reward.

Towns to visit in Madrid
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