Crayola Experience Orlando

How to visit crayola experience orlando

About Crayola Experience Orlando

Crayola Experience Orlando is a place where you can play and perform creative activities for a whole day. This adventurous family attraction is particularly suitable for kids to celebrate themselves and their creativity. With 25 fun things to do, this delightful place adds colors to life in exciting ways. It’s all about sparking creativity, analyzing, and learning – definitely a must-visit in Orlando. Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, Crayola Experience Orlando tours guarantee a day of imagination and enjoyment, making it an awesome place to dive into the world of colors and creativity.

For families and anyone up for unique fun, Crayola Experience has a bunch of crafts and activities like drawing and sculpting. Start at the Activity Studio for themed projects, letting your inner artist shine. With changing themes, there’s always something exciting. Crayola Orlando is for everyone, offering a mix of interests and making it a super fun and enriching destination. A self-guided Crayola Experience Orlando walking tour is a great option; however, if you want to develop an insight into creativity, taking advantage of the Crayola Experience Orlando guided tour is also a good option.

History Of Crayola Experience Orlando

In 1885, Edwin Binney and his cousin, C. Harold Smith, started the Crayola legacy by creating pigments for barn paint and car tires. As the company expanded, it eventually established its main office in Easton. Skipping ahead to 1996, Crayola made a pivotal move by opening an interactive visitors’ center in Easton aimed at bringing vibrancy to the city.

Fast forward to today, and Crayola has taken its creativity to new heights, redesigning the center into four exciting floors for an even more enjoyable experience. Although specific details about Crayola’s investment in Orlando remain private, it clearly reflects the company’s dedication to spreading joy and creativity on a global scale. This enduring legacy continues to bring color and imagination into the lives of people worldwide, embodying the essence of Crayola’s mission that began over a century ago with pigments for barn paint.

Tips For Your Visit To The Crayola Experience Orlando

  • Photo Fun: Before visiting the Crayola Experience Orlando, go to ‘Be A Star’ for a unique experience. Take photos that will be printed out as coloring pages, a fun and personalized keepsake for your kids.
  • Play Smart: Crayola Experience has two play areas for different age groups. Remember to bring socks for the kids, as shoes are not allowed on the playground structures. Consider saving the playtime after exploring the exhibits.
  • Adventure Lab For Older Kids: Older kids can enjoy the Adventure Lab, an interactive experience with iPads guiding them through tasks. It’s recommended for kids who can read.
  • Early Arrival Advantage: Arrive 5-10 minutes before the doors open to take advantage of the outside area’s sculptures and be one of the first in line. This early arrival helps in tackling popular activity stations with shorter lines.
  • Navigating With The Crayola Map: Upon arrival, grab a Crayola map to navigate through the various attractions efficiently. The map will help you find key points of interest so you can get all of the exhibits and activities.

Crayola Experience Orlando Tickets

Crayola tickets are available at worth $28.99 plus tax per person; however, you can save $3 by purchasing it online. Kids 2 and under can enter free, while seniors (65+) pay $25.99 plus tax. Annual Passes, with unlimited visits, cost $38.99 per person. At the park location, you have the option to invest a little extra money in an Annual Pass, and in return, you receive a refund of $23.59. This pass grants you unlimited access to enjoy all the offerings until the venue closes. Moreover, if you decide to leave and return later, they provide a wristband or stamp to ensure you can easily re-enter without any additional charges.

The prices are discussed above; however, you need to remember that ticket prices may fluctuate based on various factors, such as seasonal demand, special events, operational costs, market conditions, competitor pricing, economic factors, etc. For the most accurate and updated information, it is advisable to visit the official website before leaving for the destination.

How To Arrive To Crayola Experience Orlando

To arrive at the Crayola Experience in Orlando, Florida, you have several transportation options depending on your location and preferences

Bus Services: The nearest bus stops to the Florida Mall are located at Florida Mall Ave and Golden Sky Ln, as well as W Sand Lake Rd and Golden Sky Ln. The distance of these stops is a 13-minute walk from the mall. Luckily, these stops serve several bus lines – the 107, 111, 37, and 42 routes. 

Train Service: The Crayola Experience is an easy-to-reach location via train – SunRail. The first train of Crayola departs at 6:03 AM, but the last one leaves at 10:20 PM.

FLIXBUS Services: For people who want to start their day at the Crayola Experience, the FLIXBUS 2411 is a great option. This bus service departs at 3:30 AM. Meanwhile, you can also catch the FLIXBUS 2421; it is the last bus to the Crayola Experience, and its departure time is 6:30 PM.

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