Cities close to Paris

A journey to Paris, France, remains incomplete without venturing to its neighboring cities, each brimming with allure, enchantment, and lasting memories. Embark on captivating day trips from Paris to delve into the tapestry of French splendor beyond the capital. Immerse yourself in profound history, captivating landscapes, and cultural treasures, all within easy reach for unforgettable day trips from Paris to the most remarkable destinations. Explore these captivating French towns, conveniently accessible from Paris, and enrich your upcoming itinerary with these exceptional day trips from the city of lights!


Nestled among the incredible cities close to Paris, Fontainebleau shines like a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered. This enchanting town, conveniently accessible from Paris, lies in the South of the city and offers an ideal day trip that promises a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

The marvelous Chateau de Fontainebleau, a monument to centuries of royal legacy, is located in the center of Fontainebleau. The luxurious halls of this castle, which has entertained kings, queens, and emperors, resound with tales of political intrigue. You’ll be taken back in time to see the magnificence of the French monarchy as you stroll through its magnificent chambers and gorgeous gardens. 

Fontainebleau enjoys nature’s beauties in the form of the vast Fontainebleau Forest in addition to its historical attraction. The old trees, scenic pathways, and recognizable sandstone boulders in this forest, which is a haven for explorers and hikers, draw rock climbers from all over the world.

The town’s charming streets lined with quaint cafes and local markets invite you to savor the essence of daily life in France. Fontainebleau’s artistic legacy is also profound, with its landscapes having inspired celebrated painters. Embarking on a day trip to Fontainebleau from Paris offers a sublime escape into a world of captivating history, cultural riches, and the natural splendors that grace this remarkable region.


Chantilly, a picturesque haven, located not far from Paris, attracts travelers with its captivating allure and charming atmosphere. This enchanting town, easily accessible from the French capital, promises a delightful day trip that takes visitors into a world of elegance, history, and natural beauty.

At the center of Chantilly, the magnificent Château de Chantilly, a masterpiece of architecture and history lies. This grand mansion has witnessed centuries of history and houses an extensive art collection, including the captivating Musée Condé. The surrounding gardens, designed by André Le Nôtre, invite leisurely strolls and moments of tranquility.

Chantilly is renowned not only for its regal château but also for its equestrian culture. The town is also known for the ancient Chantilly Racecourse and the Living Horse Museum, both of which are popular among horse fans and cultural travelers. The alluring town center exudes a timeless ambiance, with cobblestone streets, charming cafes, and local markets inviting you to immerse in French village life. The Great Stables, a masterpiece of architecture, offers equestrian shows that captivate audiences.

A day trip to Chantilly from Paris unveils a world of refined elegance, artistic treasures, and the natural beauty that defines the region. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history lover, or simply seeking a serene escape, Chantilly promises an unforgettable journey through the essence of French splendor.


Lille, a bustling city in the North of France, draws visitors’ attention with its unique blend of history, culture, and innovation. Just a short journey from Paris, Lille offers a captivating day trip that unveils a tapestry of experiences.

Known for its Flemish charm and dynamic energy, Lille’s historic heart boasts ornate architecture, cobbled streets, and a lively atmosphere. The Grand Place, a central square surrounded by elegant buildings, is a testament to Lille’s rich history. With the Palais des Beaux-Arts standing as a cultural gem, art, and culture thrive in Lille. This museum houses an impressive collection spanning centuries, showcasing works by renowned artists. Lille’s dynamic culinary scene invites exploration, from charming bistros to vibrant markets offering regional delights.

Lille’s blend of old-world charm and modern technology is reflected in its Euralille district, characterized by contemporary architecture and shopping delights. Parc de la Citadelle provides a serene escape with its lush greenery and scenic views.

A day trip to Lille from Paris promises a sensory journey through history, art, and the dynamic spirit of a bustling city. Whether you want to explore Lille’s ancient streets, indulge in its delectable food, or immerse yourself in its cultural richness, you will have a memorable experience that will last long after your trip.


Strasbourg, a captivating city in the heart of Alsace, France, offers a wonderful escape from Paris. A day trip to Strasbourg reveals a captivating blend of French and German influences, historical charm, and European allure. Strasbourg is known as the “Capital of Europe” due to hosting institutions like the European Parliament. With lovely timber-framed homes, winding canals, and the magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the city’s historic core is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Savoring Alsatian cuisine is a treat not to be missed. Enjoy traditional dishes at local eateries or explore vibrant markets for local flavors. Strasbourg’s cultural scene is vibrant, featuring museums, galleries, and theaters that provide insights into its artistic soul.

The district of La Petite France is particularly enchanting, with its quaint streets, half-timbered homes, and picturesque bridges adorned with flowers. A leisurely boat ride along the Ill River offers a unique view of the city’s beauty.

A day trip to Strasbourg from Paris unveils a crossroads of cultures, languages, and rich history. Whether wandering through architectural marvels, savoring culinary delights, or soaking in its multicultural ambiance, Strasbourg promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Europe.


Amiens, a charming city located in the Hauts-de-France region of France, offers a delightful day trip from Paris. Known for its historical significance and tranquil beauty, Amiens promises a captivating escape from the busy metropolis.

The majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, a marvel of French Gothic architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located in the center of Amiens. For history enthusiasts and architectural fans, it is a must-visit location because of its detailed exterior and breathtaking interior. The city’s picturesque canals, charming streets, and quaint squares create an inviting ambiance for leisurely exploration. The Hortillonnages, a network of floating gardens and waterways, add a touch of whimsy and tranquility to the cityscape.

Amiens is also home to the Jules Verne House, honoring the famed author. The house provides insights into Verne’s life and works, offering a unique literary experience. Sampling local gastronomy is a treat in Amiens. Be sure to indulge in the city’s specialty dish, “ficelle picarde,” a delectable crepe filled with ham, mushrooms, and creamy sauce.

A day trip to Amiens from Paris offers a glimpse into the quieter charm of provincial France. Whether exploring its historic treasures, enjoying leisurely walks along canals, or savoring local flavors, Amiens provides a refreshing and memorable escape.