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About Versailles

Nestled on the outskirts of Paris, the grandeur of Versailles Paris beckons with its opulent history and magnificent architecture. The Versailles Palace, a symbol of royal beauty, bears witness to Louis XIV’s glorious reign.  Embark on a short journey from Paris to Versailles, easily accessible by train or guided tours, to unveil the epitome of 17th-century extravagance.

Venturing within, you’ll encounter the Hall of Mirrors, a breathtaking gallery adorned with mirrored panels that reflect the magnificence of chandeliers and windows. The State Apartments immerse you in the world of French royalty, adorned with lavish furnishings and intricate details.

Beyond the palace lies the perfectly maintained Versailles Gardens, a masterwork of landscape and design, that add to Versailles’ charm. The tranquility and beauty of the gardens, decorated with stunning fountains, statues, and geometric patterns invite you to a stroll to the beautiful place. The Grand Canal adds a touch of serenity to the expansive grounds. Adjacent to the palace, The Trianon Palaces, provide a close-up look into the opulent lifestyle of French royalty. The Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon present elegantly furnished chambers and tranquil retreats.

Venturing from Paris to Versailles, you immerse yourself in the beauty of a UNESCO World Heritage site. A truly royal experience is created by the beauty of Versailles Palace, the elegance of its grounds, and the historical significance of its buildings.

History of Versailles

The history of the Palace of Versailles is strongly connected with the legacy of French royalty. Originally a modest hunting lodge, King Louis XIV envisioned transforming it into a symbol of his absolute power. The palace experienced a significant development that started in the 17th century, becoming a masterpiece of Baroque design.

The palace’s construction was marked by lavish expenditures, culminating in the opulent Hall of Mirrors and luxurious State Apartments. It became the seat of government and the epicenter of French court life. However, extravagance also contributed to financial strain, a factor that would later influence the trajectory of French history.

The French Revolution in the late 18th century saw the palace’s transformation from a symbol of monarchy to a museum celebrating the nation’s heritage. Today, the Palace of Versailles stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site, captivating visitors with its historical significance, architectural marvels, and remains of a bygone era.

Tips for your visit

  • Plan Ahead: Research Versailles opening hours, location, and map. Book Versailles tickets online in advance to skip long lines.
  • Versailles Tickets: Purchase Versailles tickets that suit your visit—options may include the palace, gardens, and Trianon palaces. Check for guided tour options too.
  • Early Start: Arrive early to avoid crowds. Start with the palace tour and then explore the gardens.
  • Audio Guide: Consider renting an audio guide to enhance your understanding of the palace’s history and significance.
  • Versailles Gardens: Allow time to explore the sprawling Versailles gardens and marvel at the Versailles fountains. Wear comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Picnic: Pack a picnic and enjoy it in the Park of Versailles for a relaxing break.
  • Visit Trianon Palaces: Explore the Trianon Palaces for an insight into royal life away from the grandeur of the main palace.
  • Weather Check: Be prepared for changing weather. Bring an umbrella and dress comfortably.
  • Guided Tours: Consider joining guided tours led by experts to gain deeper insights into the history and stories behind Versailles.
  • Respect Etiquette: Respect the palace’s rules and etiquette, such as not touching exhibits and staying on designated paths in the gardens.
  • Hydration and Rest: Stay hydrated and take breaks. There are cafes on-site for refreshments.


All guests must reserve a certain time to enter the Palace. Versailles tickets bought online are the only way to ensure entry to the Versailles Palace within half an hour of the scheduled time slot due to the crowd. At 6:30 p.m., the Park of Versailles gates are locked, and the evacuation procedure starts. Due to time constraints, the full exhibition and the Palace must be skipped. 

The Versailles ticket price cost €38 for adults and reduced tickets costs €20 for people less than 18 and people with reduced mobility. However, children under 5 age get free entry. The Queen’s Gate allows unreserved vehicle access to the park. Each car must pay a €12 admission charge. For booking the Versailles tickets to enjoy a hassle-free entrance visit now.

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How to arrive

Versailles Location: Palace of Versailles, Place d’Armes 78000 Versailles, France.

Familiarize yourself with the layout using the Versailles map to navigate effectively. There are several ways you can arrive at Paris of Versailles.

By Train: From central Paris, you can take a train to Versailles Chantiers station, a journey of 12 minutes, followed by a scenic 20-minute walk. Another train option is from Versailles Château – Rive Gauche station, accessible by an RER C train. 

By Bus: Opting for the bus is also a good option. Bus line #171 from “Pont de Sevres” station offers a 30-40 minute ride to the palace.

By Taxi: Taxis are available, costing around 25 € from Paris, taking 20-40 minutes. This is a good option but a bit expensive.

By Car: If in the mood to drive, N118 is the quickest route, and a paid parking lot is located in front of the palace.

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