Camp Nou

About the Camp Nou

Camp Nou is the legendary stadium of FC Barcelona, located in Barcelona, Spain. As one of the largest football stadiums globally, Camp Nou can accommodate over 99,000 passionate fans. The stadium, often referred to as the “Barcelona stadium,” has witnessed countless historic football matches and celebrated moments in football history.

Camp Nou’s significance extends beyond football, as it has also hosted concerts by renowned artists, making it a versatile venue for entertainment. A visit to Camp Nou offers a chance to explore the FC Barcelona museum, which showcases the club’s illustrious history and achievements. Visitors can also take a Camp Nou tour, getting behind-the-scenes insights into the players’ facilities and stadium infrastructure.

Camp Nou’s location in Barcelona makes it accessible and a must-visit for football enthusiasts. The Camp Nou store offers an array of memorabilia and merchandise, while Spotify Camp Nou curates the perfect playlist to amplify the football experience. Do visit Camp Nou and connect the football fans from all corners of the globe to celebrate the beautiful game in its purest form.

History of the Camp Nou

Camp Nou, also known as the Barcelona Stadium, holds a rich history as the home ground of FC Barcelona. Construction of the stadium, originally named the New Barcelona Stadium, began in 1954 to replace the club’s previous ground, Les Corts and was completed in 1957. Its inauguration on September 24, 1957, marked a significant moment in football history welcoming around 93,000 spectators.

Over the years, New Camp Nou underwent expansions to accommodate its large fan base, reaching a seating capacity of over 99,000 spectators. It has hosted numerous historic football matches, including the European Cup finals in 1989 and the legendary Champions League final in 1999.

Camp Nou’s illustrious history also includes the occasional transformation into a celestial stage with Spotify Camp Nou, where music and football blend to create a captivating experience.

As FC Barcelona’s legendary home ground, Camp Nou remains a symbol of football passion and a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts worldwide. Its grand legacy continues to inspire fans and players alike, making it one of the most iconic stadiums in the world.

Tips for your visit

  • Book Camp Nou Tickets in Advance: Avoid disappointment by booking Camp Nou tour tickets early and your availability for the Camp Nou Stadium tour and museum visit.
  • Experience the Camp Nou Tour: Embark on a guided tour of the stadium and discover the rich history of FC Barcelona.
  • Explore the FC Barcelona Museum: Discover a treasure trove of football memorabilia, relive iconic matches, and celebrate the club’s achievements.
  • Check Camp Nou Opening Hours: Be mindful of varying opening hours, especially on match days. Plan your visit accordingly to make the most of your time.
  • Visit the Camp Nou Store: Shop for exclusive merchandise and souvenirs; take home a memento to cherish your Camp Nou experience.
  • Embrace the Match Day Atmosphere: Catch a live match if possible and feel the electric energy of cheering fans and the pulsating football spirit in the new Barcelona Stadium. 
  • Immerse Yourself in Football Magic: Absorb the Barcelona Stadium’s unique ambiance and history by embracing the passion and devotion that surround this iconic footballing temple New Camp Nou. 


Whether you opt for a Camp Nou tour or wish to visit the FC Barcelona museum, it’s essential to secure your Camp Nou tickets in advance. The Camp Nou ticket prices vary depending on the type of tour you choose. The Immersive Tour Basic Ticket is available from €28 online, or €31.5 at the ticket office. For the Immersive Tour & Virtual experience, tickets are priced at €42 online, or €45.5 at the ticket office. 

If you prefer a more exclusive Camp Nou experience, the Players Immersive Tour Basketball Arena is priced from €89 online, or €92.5 at the ticket office. The Immersive Tour Total Experience at New Camp Nou is another popular choice, starting from €49 online or €52.5 at the ticket office. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the Flexible Ticket is available from €34 online. So what are you waiting for, book your tickets ASAP! 

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How to arrive

Getting to Spotify Camp Nou, the renowned Barcelona stadium, is easy and convenient with various transportation options available. 

By Metro: If you prefer public transport, you can take the metro lines L3 or L5 to Palau Reial, Les Corts, Badal, or Collblanc stations. 

By Bus: Several bus routes, including D20, H6, H8, and others, also pass through the stadium. For night travel, N2, N3, N12, and N14 buses are available. 

By Tram: Tramlines T1, T2, and T3 also connect to the Camp Nou location from different areas. 

By Taxi/Car: Taking a local taxi is another hassle-free option, and if you drive, free parking is available at Access 14. Remember, no parking is available on match days.

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