Sagrada Família

About the Sagrada Família

Welcome to the captivating Basilica de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain! This iconic attraction is where you’ll find the masterpiece of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. The Sagrada Família is a stunning basilica, showcasing Gaudí’s architectural brilliance in all its glory.

This Gaudí Cathedral is just mesmerizing; tall columns reaching up high and intricate designs that’ll leave you in awe. The inside Sagrada Familia is like something out of a fairytale with colorful stained-glass windows letting light dance all around. 

And let’s talk about the Sagrada Família tower’s views that’ll take your breath away. From different angles, you’ll get to see Barcelona like never before. La Sagrada Família is a true testament to Gaudí’s brilliance and his lasting impact on the world of architecture. 

History of the Sagrada Família

Back in the year 1882, the foundation of Sagrada Família was laid, as construction kicked off under the visionary architect Antoni Gaudí. He took the helm, infusing his design with an unmatched fusion of ingenuity and architectural brilliance. His ultimate aspiration was to craft a symbol of devotion, seamlessly blending modernist Gaudi architecture with profound spiritual significance.

Alas, destiny dealt a tragic blow, robbing Gaudí of witnessing the grand finale of his masterpiece; he passed away in 1926. Nonetheless, an unwavering dedication to realizing Gaudí’s dream persevered, and the labor of love carried on with unyielding fervor. Throughout the years, a parade of architects and craftsmen contributed their artistry to the construction, paying tribute to Gaudí architecture and original concepts while leaving their own distinct imprints.

The true marvel lies in the perpetual work-in-progress that is Sagrada Família, spanning well over a century. It stands tall as a living testament to architectural innovation and an embodiment of unwavering perseverance.

In the present day, as visitors bask in the awe-inspiring beauty, they become intertwined with the very essence of Sagrada Família history and narrative. Their presence enriches the legacy of this grand edifice, adding to its eventual completion and preservation for generations to embrace. This extraordinary odyssey through time marches forward, bringing this architectural wonder ever closer to its majestic crescendo.

Tips for your visit

  • Outsmart the Masses: Plan an early morning or late afternoon visit to avoid the crowds.
  • Go Deep with a Guided Tour: Enhance your knowledge by opting for a guided Sagrada Família tour, immersing yourself in its rich history and significance.
  • Savor Every Detail: Take your sweet time to wander through both the interior and exterior, as every nook and cranny holds a treasure worth admiring.
  • Dress for Adventure: Gear up in comfy attire suitable for strolling and conquering the heights of the Sagrada Família towers.
  • Brush up on Gaudí’s Wizardry: Familiarize yourself with Gaudí’s work before your visit to better grasp his genius.
  • Sun-Kissed Stained Glass: Plan your trip on a sunny day to witness the stained-glass windows burst with vibrant colors, creating a magical spectacle.
  • Snap Away: Capture those picture-perfect moments of the basilica’s one-of-a-kind design to cherish the memories forever.


Even though you can purchase the tickets physically on your visit to Sagrada Família, why would you want to stand in the crowd and tolerate a long line? Securing your Sagrada Família tickets is a breeze! Book your tickets online and get ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Gaudí’s masterpiece beforehand. 

The Sagrada Família ticket price with only audio guide is 36,00 € and 43,00 € with a guided tour. Special discounts apply to students, senior citizens, and individuals under 30. Moreover, children under 11 and differently-abled individuals can enjoy the Sagrada Família tour for free!

Embrace the convenience and savings of online booking. Grab those Sagrada Família tickets now and make the most of your unforgettable visit to this iconic basilica!

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How to arrive

Located centrally, the Sagrada Família location is easily accessible from various parts of Barcelona. Ready for a magical journey to Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece? Here’s how to get there. 

By Metro: If you prefer the metro, take L2 from Paral Lel or L5 from Barcelona-Sants, and you’ll reach Sagrada Família in just 12 minutes. 

By Bus: Alternatively, buses 19, 33, 34, D50, H10, or B24 are available options, though they may take a bit longer. Additionally, Hop On Hop Off Buses also stop at Sagrada Familia providing convenient access to Gaudi Cathedral. 

By Car/Taxi: If you happen to drive a car, you can reach La Sagrada Família quickly from various areas of Barcelona or you can book a taxi. Taxi services like Uber are readily available throughout Barcelona. 

By Walk: If you’re feeling adventurous, a leisurely walk to Gaudi architecture La Sagrada Familia is an excellent choice, passing by other architectural gems by Gaudi along the way.

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