Broad Museum 

About Broad Museum

Broad, the art museum in downtown Los Angeles, symbolizes what is happening in the cutting-edge art area and the cultural development. Thanks to its monumental architecture and moving stories, this place will surely provide you with the ultimate experience on the topic of art, whether or not you are familiar with it. Visitors can feel the freeing sense of daydreams with the general admission provided for them without paying, which makes the art float into their souls.

To cater to the needs of visitors who search for a more engaging experience, it offers various options like the Broad Museum guided tours, artist talks, and Broad Museum guided walking tours, which are ideal for people who want to understand much about the curated works. The museum’s centrally structured, well-defined, coherent layout facilitates movement and guarantees visitors a smooth experience with its diverse exhibit style. Whether it be the Broad Museum ticket reservation, looking for the best map to find the museum, or signing up for a guided tour, the Broad Museum offers a visit that specializes in the specific demands of visitors and offers an all-around great experience.

Collection of the Broad Museum

The massive collection of The Broad Museum reflects the cultural diversity and creativity in postwar and contemporary art, including many paintings by more than 200 top artists of these times. This massive collection of artworks contains some of the most influential pieces from this period, which makes the Broad the world-class modern art museum and the only one in this genre that provides visitors with an extraordinary experience. The museum’s digital catalogs reflect this creative canvas’s complexity, offering users a diverse choice to appreciate the curated pieces of art virtually through their monitor screens.

Visiting the Broad Museum features an atmosphere of immersing in art by providing an exhibition of the curated collection where the best works of famous artists blaze like beacons by the names of Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, Roy Lichtenstein, and others. Irrespectively, whether visitors choose a personalized trail or need professional orientation through Broad Museum walking tours or guided tours, the artwork on display defines the collection of the museum as a woven masterpiece of creativity, which mirrors the character and ideals of founder couple – Eli and Edythe Broad.

Tips for Your Visit to Broad Museum

  • Reserve Tickets Online: Ensure a queue-free entrance by booking your Broad Museum tickets online today, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience upon arrival.
  • Infinity Mirrored Rooms: As soon as you get there, reserve a slot for the truly out-of-this-world Infinity Mirrored Rooms exhibit, one of the most requested in the museum.
  • Guided Tours: Be even more curious about your visit with a guided tour to experience the authentic masterpieces and museum construction in detail.
  • Map Exploration: Be sure to prepare yourself by thoroughly analyzing the Broad Museum map, designed to give you the maximum amount of time that you can effectively spend in the main exhibition halls.
  • Arrival Options: Explore various transportation options, from driving and metro to bus and walking, to reach the museum conveniently.

Broad Museum Tickets

Unlike other galleries that charge visitors for entrance, The Broad Museum allows visitors to explore its considerable collection of contemporary art without any admission fee. Moreover, an extra fee may not necessarily be part of the package fee for particular exhibitions. Timed entries are strongly recommended but optional. Therefore, visitors can either pre-book the Broad Museum tickets or walk in. Same-day tickets for all the attractions are available for purchase at any time, while monthly ticket releases occur on the last Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. PT for admission in all of the next month.

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How to Arrive at Broad Museum

When visiting The Broad Museum, considering a wide range of transportation means completing a trip with the least stress. When your bus, car, or foot is the way to get to the museum, it hardly affects the comfort of the journey.

By Bus: If you go for public buses, only 15 minutes or five blocks on foot separate you from The Broad Museum. Facilitate human movement via convenient bus routes with step-by-step guidelines and real-time bus times to make traveling uncomplicated.

By Car: If driving to the museum is the chosen means of transport for visitors, then the museum’s parking garage is situated directly below The Broad and offers plenty of parking spaces. At the 2nd St. and Hope St., update the address sign to let people know the parking entrance is at Grand Avenue.

By Walk: Promoting an enjoyment-fuelled walk to the museum? The Broad Museum is at 221 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA. The route takes you through the lively environment where you can enjoy and admire the surrounding beauties until you reach the monumental cultural icon, aka the Broad Museum.

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