Natural History Museum Los Angeles

About Natural History Museum Los Angeles

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County features a remarkable collection of things that can take curious visitors through the intricate patterns of nature and culture. The museum’s remarkable collection is beyond imagination, consisting of more than 35 million specimens and artifacts. The facility’s exhibits are designed to ensure that visitors of every age group cherish the intricate details of our planet’s past and present. From the terrifying dinosaur bones to the cyclical cultural deposits, the institution spans us in the epochs of life on Earth and humanity, offering an immersive experience of Earth’s fascinating development and human timeline.

Instructions for those ready to take the alternate path of the boundless power of the collection are available through the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County resources, such as tickets, guided tours, maps, and Natural History Museum walking tour details. The museum caters to all age groups: scientists and researchers considering enlargements of extinct animals and others interested in uncovering the mysteries of disappeared civilizations. Although it may require a little wandering between the shops and the museum, one is provided with the necessary mental exercise for any intellectual.

Collection of the Natural History Museum Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory Museum, located in California’s South region, holds fascinating displays involving the public in astronomy and space travel. The exhibitions at the observatory seek to arouse curiosity and interest by using the tool to present various topics in aeronautics, navigation, civil engineering, geology, biology, mathematics, physics, and, last but not least, astronomy. 

The landmarks can be touched even by older visitors using VR headsets through the exhibits, shows in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, and the icon Zeiss Telescope. The observation exterior exhibit accommodates learning about observing the movements of the Sun and Moon while walking through a solar system-scaled model. By way of information on Griffith Observatory admission prices, tours, driving routes, guided ones, and Griffith Observatory Museum Walking tours, all visitors to the Museum could find it easy to plan their visit and have a fun-filled and well-informed experience.

Tips for Your Visit to the Natural History Museum Los Angeles

  • Admission: Check the website or call the ticket office for discounts or special entry fee deals to improve your experience.
  • Guided Tours: Allow your exploration to be an enriched experience with an expert guide who will unveil the museum’s fascinating exhibits with the most accurate interpretation.
  • Map Exploration: Acquaint yourself with the museum’s setup, utilizing the Natural History Museum Los Angeles’s maps to guide you while you discover the variety of displays and locations.
  • Walking Tour: Exploration through a Natural History Museum Los Angeles will be an immersive and thrilling experience that will guarantee you see many of the museum’s masterpieces.
  • Family-Friendly Amenities: When choosing a suitable family entertainment park, look for something with all the family-friendly facilities like changing tables and stroller accessibility.

Natural History Museum Los Angeles Tickets

One of the things to be considered while heading for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is the admission fee. The general admission to the Natural History Museum Los Angeles ticket price is $18.00, while that for a child is $7.00. It should be added that L.A. County individuals can benefit from free general gallery hours without additional fees between 3 and 5 pm Monday – Friday. At the same time, admission tickets for the special exhibitions and butterfly pavilion should be purchased. Still, they are not included in the free tickets for the general gallery hours.

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How to Arrive at Natural History Museum Los Angeles

Discover the best ways to visit the Natural History Museum Los Angeles! Whether you’re arriving by car, metro, bus, or on foot, we’ve got you covered for a stress-free visit.

By Car: A public graded parking structure adjacent to the NHM on Bill Robertson Lane can be used by visitors driving to the museum and entering from south of Exposition Boulevard. The parking hours are from 9:From 15 am to 6 pm. We are accessible and extremely representative of people who come to us by car.

By Metro: The METRO E LINE is a great choice for the shuttle to the museum, as the Exposition Park station is only a few steps away. On the other hand, the Expo Park/USC and Expo/Vermont stations, located on the Metro Light Rail, offer the museumgoers the closest convenient option for accessing the museum.

By Bus: The passengers are provided with the Metro Bus 102/550, which allows the museum to go through them. It will be less stressful if you use public transportation accessible from the Natural History Museum, so visitors won’t have to worry about the journey.

Walking: Participants who want to walk should stroll to the museum’s address, 900 W Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007, because it’s a very convenient place to start.

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