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How to visit the Danube Tower
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About Danube Tower

Welcome to the stunning Danube Tower, a must-visit spot in Vienna that shows off the excellent style and smart design of the 1960s. Hop on the speedy elevator, and you’ll zoom 150 meters above the ground to a fantastic viewing spot. From there, you get an incredible 360° view of the city. But hold up, more excitement awaits you at the Danube Tower! Have you ever imagined sliding down from a towering height? Well, here’s your chance! Experience the excitement of the 40-meter-long slide, designed by the famous artist Carsten Höller, which bends around the outside of the tower. 

As you slide down from around 165 meters, the transparent upper half of the slide adds an extra element of fun to your adventure. Danube Tower isn’t just about enjoying the panoramic views; it’s also about experiencing unforgettable moments and making lasting recollections. Whether dining at the Danube Tower Vienna restaurant, visiting the Danube Tower, or sliding down the tower, the Danube Tower offers an exceptional experience for all visitors.

History Of Danube Tower

In 1964, the impressive Danube Tower emerged as a shining symbol during the Vienna International Garden Show (WIG). This event transformed a neglected spot on the Danube’s banks into the beautiful Danube Park. The tower, overlooking this vibrant park, quickly became the focal point for WIG visitors, offering a stunning view and a fresh perspective on Vienna.

The Danube Tower, designed by the skilled Viennese architect Prof. Hannes Lintl, which was influenced by TV towers in other cities like Stuttgart and Toronto. The tower is tall, reaching 170 meters. Its restaurant is rotated on its axis, giving you a memorable dining experience with fantastic views. Construction, led by Prof. Lintl, took almost two years, from October 1962 to April 1964, using a lot of concrete and reinforced concrete. The then Mayor of Vienna, Franz Jonas, attended the April 16, 1964 grand opening. Today, the Danube Tower is an observation tower symbol of enjoyment, fun, and relaxation.

The Viewing Platform of the Danube Tower
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Tips To Visit the Danube Tower

  • Time Your Ascent: Avoid busy times like weekends and afternoons for a more relaxed visit, especially during holidays. 
  • Choose Your View: The main observation deck gives you panoramic city views, while the revolving restaurant offers a unique 360-degree experience and a delicious meal. If you opt for the restaurant, booking your table in advance is a good idea.
  • Don’t Forget the Slide: If you’re an adrenaline junkie, don’t miss the chance to try the thrilling 165-meter slide from the main observation deck to the lower level. Just keep in mind that a separate ticket is required.
  • Enhance Your Visit: Dive deeper into the Danube Tower’s history, architecture, and city landmarks with guided tours. 
  • Make it a Combo: Maximize your experience and savings by snagging a combo ticket. This ticket grants you entry to the Danube Tower and other top Vienna attractions like Hofburg Palace or St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Danube Tower Tickets

When planning your visit to the Danube Tower in Vienna, you have several ticket options, ensuring a tailored experience that suits your preferences. First, grab your tickets for the Danube Tower – it’s like your golden pass to incredible views of Vienna. Don’t worry; the ticket price is worth the breathtaking experience.

For adults, it’s €18, while children aged 6–14 can enjoy the experience for just €10.80. Seniors over 60 get a special rate of €14.40; for the little ones aged 3–5, it’s only €5.40. If you want more fun, there’s a combination ticket with Donauparkbahn, priced at €20 for adults, €11.50 for children, €7 for infants, and €3.50 for infants under 3. For a hassle-free visit, there’s a skip-the-line option available at €18 per person. 

Consider getting a Danube Tower guided tour to make your visit even more remarkable. These folks know all the ins and outs of the Danube Tower – its history, cool facts, and everything you’d want to know. They turn your visit into a fun story, making it more interesting. So, snag those tickets, get a guide, and prepare for a fantastic time at the Danube Tower. The city views are waiting for you!

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How To Arrive at Danube Tower

Let’s delve into some effortless ways to reach this majestic landmark. Hop on the U6 (purple line) and disembark at “Donaustadtbrücke.” A 10-minute stroll across the Danube bridge will lead you straight to the tower. With these travel tips, you can journey to the Danube Tower and unlock a world of panoramic views and memorable experiences. Remember to check out the guided tours and Danube Tower map for an extra layer of adventure!

By Tram: Tram lines 25 and 26 also stop at “Donauturm/DDC,” next to the tower. If you prefer the bus, options like 91A, 92A, and 93A also stop at “Donauturm/DDC” for a convenient alternative.

By Car: Driving is an option, but beware of limited parking near the tower. Spaces fill up fast, so consider public transport or alternative solutions if you plan to drive.

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