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How to visit the hofburg imperial palace
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About Imperial Treasury

The Imperial Treasury in Vienna is located inside the magnificent Hofburg complex; this treasure trove holds a millennium’s worth of secrets and wonders, offering tourists a glimpse into the historical past of the House of Habsburg. As you step into the Imperial Treasury, prepare to be mesmerized by the particular collections of this palace. This influential collection holds majestic artifacts, dazzling gems, and valuable stones fit for royalty. One highlight is the incredible “Holy Grail,” a captivating narwhal tooth and one of the world’s most immense emeralds.

Moreover, it also includes some enchanting collections showcasing the revered insignia and jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, including iconic treasures like the Imperial Crown and the Holy Lance. Each artifact holds a piece of European history, offering a unique perspective on the grandeur and power of the House of Habsburg. Uncover the symbols of power, unravel ancient myths, and delve into the imperial glory that defines this extraordinary collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these remarkable treasures firsthand and unlock the secrets of the Imperial Treasury in Vienna!

History Of The Imperial Treasury

Step into the enchanting history of the Imperial Treasury, nestled within the grand Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria. This treasury, housing a vast collection of rare treasures, is a journey into the luxury of the past. Located in the Schweizerhof courtyard, next to the Hofburg Chapel, the Imperial Treasury has been a guardian of regal artifacts since the 14th century. The House of Habsburg established this treasury and found its enduring home in the Hofburg Palace from the 15th century onward.

In 1602, the Imperial Treasury was a private crown crafted for Emperor Rudolf II. Fast forward to 1804, and it gracefully assumed the role of the crown for the newly founded Austrian Empire. The Imperial Crown, Orb, Sceptre of Austria, and the Imperial Regalia of Emperors and Kings find peace within these hallowed walls. A fascinating slice of history unfolds as you explore the Imperial Treasury on a guided tour. Delve into Emperor Rudolf II’s legacy and witness the evolution of this extraordinary collection. Linked with the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Imperial Treasury is a testament to Austria’s imperial past’s enduring elegance and grandeur.

Tips To Visit the Imperial Treasury

  • Beat the Crowds: Make the most of your experience by visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This ensures a more serene exploration of the treasures within.
  • Time Well Spent: Plan for 1–2 hours to soak in the richness of the museum. Take time to marvel at the Austrian and Holy Roman Empire heritage on display.
  • Skip-the-Line Magic: Elevate your visit with skip-the-line tickets. Glide past queues and dive straight into one of the most extensive collections of imperial treasures.
  • Royal Arrival: Add royalty to your journey by taking a Fiaker horse-drawn carriage to the Imperial Treasury. It is a charming and unique way to arrive in style.
  • Sisi Combo Delight: Opt for a special Sisi combo ticket to unlock the wonders of the Imperial Treasury and the Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna. Double the adventure, double the delight.

Imperial Treasury Tickets

Imperial Treasury Tickets serve as intricate portals to historical opulence, offering access to grand events of imperial significance. These meticulously crafted invitations, adorned with intricate designs, unlock the doors to a bygone era’s cultural and celebratory richness. Getting tickets for the Imperial Treasury in Vienna is easy and comes with different prices. If you have a Vienna Card, it’s EUR 11. For discounted tickets, it’s EUR 9. Although, kids under 19 get in for free. If you have a Vienna PASS, your entry is also free. There’s a special Empress Elisabeth ticket from Tiqets, including the Imperial Treasury and Imperial Carriage Museum, starting at $23.71. 

Each ticket is a tangible link to the grand banquets, royal ceremonies, and exclusive exhibitions that defined the abundant tapestry of imperial societies, providing a precise glimpse into the past’s splendor and elegance. For a seamless entry, either book tickets online or present a printed/mobile voucher at the entrance. Allocate 1.5 hours for your exploration, but the captivating experience might make you want to stay longer!

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How To Arrive At The Imperial Treasury 

On an Imperial Treasury guided tour or a leisurely walking tour, these tips ensure your arrival is as delightful as the await treasures. Secure your tickets and get ready for a historical adventure in Vienna. Whether by bus, train, metro, car, or a stroll, ensure a smooth journey to the Imperial Treasury.

By Train: Access the Imperial Treasury Museum by taking the Vienna Underground Line U3 and alighting at the “Herrengasse” station, conveniently connecting you to the treasures.

By Bus: Opt for a scenic route by catching trams 1, 2, or D and riding to the “Burgring” stop, providing easy access to explore the Imperial Treasury.

By Car: Embark on your journey to the Imperial Treasury by car, ensuring a seamless and convenient arrival at this historical gem beneath the Hofburg Chapel’s Southeastern parts in the Schweizer Hof.

By walk: For those who prefer a stroll, arrive at the Imperial Treasury by foot, enjoying the excitement of the Imperial Treasury and looking forward to the historical adventure it holds within its walls.

A Guide to the Hofburg Imperial Palace of Vienna
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