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About NEMO Science Museum

NEMO Science Museum, an iconic architectural marvel adjacent to Amsterdam’s Central Station, is the Netherlands’ largest science museum. Nestled in the heart of the city, this innovative institution is a prominent entry on the list of museums in Amsterdam. From its rooftop square, visitors are treated to a sweeping, panoramic view of the vibrant city of Amsterdam. The Nemo Science Museum appeals to curious minds of all ages, offering a fascinating blend of education and entertainment. 

Nemo is a lively scientific center where hands-on learning and interactive displays take center stage; it is not a typical science museum. The interactive exhibits unlock the wonders of the everyday world, unraveling the mysteries of natural phenomena and technological advancements. Through fun scientific experiments, the museum delivers an immersive experience that stimulates curiosity and provides insights into the field of science. Visitors can explore the mechanics of bridges, uncover the secrets of optical illusions, and witness the beauty of a rainbow. Workshops, videos, experiments, and demonstrations further enrich the NEMO experience, making science an exciting adventure.

With a mission to make science engaging and accessible, it invites visitors to delve into fun scientific experiments and interactive exhibits that unlock the wonders of the universe. A visit to this extraordinary museum transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, revealing the beauty and magic hidden in our daily lives. NEMO Science Museum is an inspiring hub for learning, exploration, and the celebration of the marvels of our world.


The NEMO Science Museum hosts a captivating collection that delves into the evolution of science, technology, and energy. This comprehensive science museum in Amsterdam comprises approximately 19,500 artefacts categorized into four core collections:

Lighting: This collection includes various light sources and lighting fixtures, some operating on gas and others on electricity.  It includes remarkable pieces like Dutch designer Gispen’s creations, the iconic arc light from the Brandaris lighthouse, and early electric bulbs by Edison and Swan.

Electrical Engineering: NEMO houses a selection of remarkable meters from around 1900, such as recording voltmeters and galvanometers. The collection also comprises sockets, switches, resistors, and specialized tools used by electricians throughout history.

Energy Generation and Storage: This collection features fascinating items, including a magneto-electric machine from 1857, Willem Smit’s DC dynamo from 1896, and a powerful air transformer and surge voltage generator, closely resembling the energy released in a lightning strike.

Technology at Home: Household objects that have shaped domestic lifestyles over the years make up this core collection. It includes appliances like an urn from 1965 and a chrome electric butter warmer, offering a nostalgic look at the past.

NEMO’s commitment goes beyond mere curation; many items from the collection are actively featured in the museum’s current exhibitions. These artefacts enrich the understanding of technological progress and bring historical context to life. For preservation and knowledge transfer, a dedicated team manages the collection, with some items stored at the depot in Amsterdam North. This ensures that these treasures continue to inspire and educate future generations.

Tips for your visit

  • Plan Your Visit:  Check the NEMO science museum opening hours to plan your visit accordingly. Consider visiting during off-peak hours to avoid crowds. Weekday mornings are often quieter.
  • Tickets: Purchase your NEMO Science Museum tickets in advance to avoid long lines
  • Diverse Experiences: Enjoy workshops, videos, experiments, and demonstrations that complement your NEMO experience, offering a fun and educational visit.
  • Family-Friendly: NEMO is family-friendly, so bring kids along for a fun and educational experience. They’ll love the hands-on exhibits.
  • Interactive Learning: Make the most of the fun scientific experiments and hands-on activities. Feel free to ask museum staff for explanations if you’re curious about something.
  • Gift Shop: Don’t forget to check out the museum’s gift shop for science-related souvenirs and educational items.
  • Engage in Discussions: After your visit, take time to discuss what you’ve learned. The museum offers a great opportunity for engaging conversations about science.
  • Working Artefacts: Many items from the heritage collection are still in working order, allowing you to see their inner workings and functions.
  • View from the Rooftop: Don’t forget to visit the rooftop square for a spectacular view of Amsterdam from NEMO science center.


Unlock the wonders of science at NEMO Science Museum for just €17.50! Dive into interactive exhibits, hands-on experiments, and educational fun. Book your NEMO Science Museum tickets now and embark on a journey of discovery in Amsterdam’s premier science center. Your scientific adventure awaits!

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How to arrive

Getting to the NEMO Science Museum is straightforward in Amsterdam. Here are the directions for various modes of transportation:

By Bus: Take Bus Route 22 and alight at the Kadijksplein bus stop. Walk southwest on Kadijksplein, turn left onto Oosterdok, and continue until you reach the museum.

By Tram: Alternatively, use Tram 26 and get off at Kattenburgerstraat, which is close to the museum. You can also take Tram lines 51, 53, or 54 to Nieuwmarkt and then walk to the museum.

By Car: If you’re driving, use GPS or navigation apps to reach Oosterdokskade in Amsterdam. There are parking facilities near the NEMO Science Museum for your convenience.

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