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Now that you are in Orlando, a place of fun and endless activities, you will experience something you will remember. The city is better known for its theme parks, but Orlando has a lot of other activities for every individual. From Orlando tours that take you through the city’s impressive history and culture to the best things to do in Orlando, including the best courses to taste the numerous cuisines or go as far as to enjoy an outdoor adventure at picture-perfect locales, there’s something for everyone. 

Wondering what to see in Orlando? This city holds a refined variety of tourist sites in Orlando to meet your needs. Be ready to experience a variety of entertainment, nature, and cultural treasures of Orlando city through a blend of these elements, which will provide you with a value-added enchanting and enriching journey on your travels at any age.

Visit top Orlando attractions

Searching for Orlando, visitors are overwhelmed with an infinite list of exciting things to do. Life is a rollercoaster in Orlando – from the heart-pounding thrills of the most exciting rides to the best five-star shopping and dining. Go beyond the tourist icons and discover Orlando’s off-the-beaten-track attractions and hidden charms. Your lifetime is about to be filled with memories from all directions.

Universal Studios Park Orlando

The Universal Studios Park Orlando offers fun and adventure for people of all ages. Universal Studios Park is a definite must-see. It has become the most recognizable piece of the city’s celebrity, creating a surreal feel and a dream of entering the world of your favorite film or TV show. 

The park offers adrenaline-rushing rides, amazing performances, and engaging experiences to the visitors, full of exciting and entertaining content. From wandering through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to taking amusement thrills and roller coasters, there is an ocean of enjoyment to horn in.

Walt Disney World Resort

The magical Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, which has four parks, two water parks and unique castles, completely amazes millions of young and old every year. This huge 25,000-acre steppe was created at once, and its diversity makes it one of the most loved places in Orlando, being the place for all Orlando activities and sightseeing trips. 

From the much-celebrated Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World to the confident EPCOT, one gets various things to do in Orlando for all age groups, each having what fits them. Its themed hotels and Disney resorts range is what makes it diverse. The guests are offered the chance to have an all-around Disney experience as staying at these hotels takes care of the restlessness. Regarding Orlando, there is no doubt that Disney World Resort lives up to all the hype it generates. This magic kingdom offers unforgettable memories, superb entertainment, and the mark of enchantment that has become synonymous with Disney.


WonderWorks Orlando is an enthralling indoor amusement park that combines education and entertainment smoothly. It is one of the best tourist sites in Orlando that suits visitors of all age groups. With more than 100 interactive exhibits challenging the mind and body, WonderWorks offers more fun, such as the glow-in-the-dark ropes course challenge and the 4D XD Motion Theater involving the entire body. 

The attraction has six zoned areas, including the Extreme Weather and Space Discovery Zone. They provide science-based and interactive exhibits for guests to explore and participate in. WonderWorks could serve as the best example of things you can do within the city of Orlando; WonderWorks offers family-friendly fun and unique learning situations, thus making it one of the unique tourist attractions in Orlando.

Icon Park

With over 20 acres, ICON Park, a landmark seen from miles around, now provides visitors with wonderful entertainment and attractions. The I-Drive destination, very close to the International Drive in Orlando, has more than 50 attractions, including the iconic 400 ft tall Ferris wheel, referred to as the” The Wheel”. 

ICON Park is also known for its many offerings, including shops, bars, restaurants and attractions you must not miss. That’s it if you look for the best Orlando activities. Visitors can create these for lifetime memories with outstanding views, age-appropriate activities for all, and energetic evening life at this prevailing tourist attraction in Orlando.

Crayola Experience Orlando

The Crayola Experience at Orlando is an immersive and colorful journey that takes visitors inside The Florida Mall, where they will be treated as royalty. Displaying 70,000 square feet of sheer excitement, this marvelous attraction delivers over 50 hands-on Orlando activities to its visitors, taking 1st place in Orlando’s best things to do. One can spend a whole day immersed in a world of art, where everything from the majestic sight of colors coming to life to creative Crayola experiences awaits. 

The Crayola Experience would be an awesome adventure with creating personalized crayons that suit the kids, and the experience can also stretch to exploring the world’s largest coloring page. This thrilling attraction offers guests an excellent opportunity to be surrounded by endless inspiration and creativity.

Harry P. Leu Gardens

Harry P Leu Gardens is a botanical paradise within easy driving distance of Downtown Orlando. Its wondrous 50-acre site is a magical world with serene beauty. This enchanting place has over 40 plant stands from around the world, including the rainforest of the tropics and gardens, which can motivate visitors. The Leu House Museum, one of those places in Orlando that lets you see the other side of the city, makes the whole experience much richer and is one of the best things to do in Orlando

Those who visit this spot can experience its wonderfully created gardens and find the great natural beauty and peacefulness, which are the attractive features of this famous tourist destination in Orlando. Picasso’s unique expression of art to nature lovers is the vibrant flora of the fascinating glass art exhibitions, a delightful experience for tourists or nature enthusiasts.

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida, commemorates cosmic intentions of space exploration and science development. The facility carries the NASA name as its premier multi user spaceport and is where over 90 private partners of the agency are situated. It represents the greatest space exploration milestones. 

With a visit to the Kennedy Space Center, visitors will experience the awe and wonder in the visitor complex, the site of famous launch sites, various interactive exhibits, and the feel of a rocket launch. This famous place is a perfect chance for our visitors to touch the excitement of space exploration, so we recommend including it on our list of best things to do in Orlando and as one of the best tourist sites in the region.

Madame Tussauds Orlando

Nothing beats the thrilling and exciting indoor experience of visiting Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in the busy city of Orlando. Located at ICON Park, this renowned attraction is a unique place where guests can meet with wax figures of celebrated stars and world-known personalities. Statues like the Justice League heroes await you to interact with them, and the stars will accompany you on the fantastic journey. 

Madame Tussauds offers a special experience and belongs to the most thrilling activities in Orlando. Thanks to its wide range of collections and thought-provoking exhibits, it is not surprising that many visitors regard it as one of the must-see tourist attractions in Orlando. Madame Tussauds has a captivating indoor option to be added to any tour itinerary. It guarantees a great experience for the tourists as they can virtually immerse themselves in the world of celebrities and artistry.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Titanic: The art exhibit in Orlando provides access to over 300 original artifacts salvaged from the mighty Titanic shipwreck, this immersion exhibit gives you an emotional and touching glimpse into the lives of the passengers and crew. Visitors can wander through rooms scaled to their full size, watch actors acting and repetition of this era interacting, and participate in gala dinners, thus creating an unforgettable and educational experience. 

This exhibition is one of the best things to do in Orlando, as it will give a rare chance to look into the glamorous yet tragic story of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. With its blend of historical significance and engaging displays, The Artifact Exhibition is a must-see attraction. It is the one that adds a touch of cultural richness to any tour itinerary in Orlando.

Visit Iconic Parks in Orlando

The famous park icon Orlando is the location of attractions that will give you much more than just the classic theme park experience. From the mesmerizing Magic Kingdom Park to the magical Discovery Cove, one can choose from diverse recreational activities in this vibrant city. Guests can have a waterpark adventure at Typhoon Lagoon Disney Water Park or an animal safari at the Animal Kingdom Disney Theme Park for a real aquatic experience.

Furthermore, Nature lovers have Lake Eola Park and Harry P. Leu Gardens to delight in, and this will bring a serene atmosphere, offering retreats in the busy city. These park icons, taken together, become a significant part of the Orlando tour itinerary that is imprinted in the memory of the visitors and ready to meet varied tastes and preferences.

Museums Orlando

Visitors visiting museums discover the city of Orlando as a lively place with art, culture and history, and its vibe takes them on a journey. Tourists can explore many artworks, look at them, learn something new about old or contemporary art pieces, and compare artifacts to modern fine art. Orlando museum tour is one of the Orlando activities geared to people of different age groups. It provides a chance to be in a unique experience with intimate parades and educational sessions. 

From the masterpieces of art of the world to the crazy science experiments, you will find something to hold your attention. Whether you are on a quest for the best things to do in Orlando or looking to have an itinerary of where to go in the surrounding area, you will see the diversity of cultures in Orlando in its different museums; thus, don’t miss those museums or you will miss seeing amazing things in Orlando.

Orlando Science Museum

Orlando Science Center serves as a marvelous kaleidoscope of scientific adventure and a great source of fun learning experiences for people of all ages. This captivating science museum in Orlando is a must-watch destination, housing dynamic interactive exhibits, theaters, and live programming that arouses curiosity and wonder.

With 11,000 square feet of KidsTown, where the younger visitors can get fun and hands-on learning, and the next new exhibit unveiled in the Spring, the center is home to a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) enriching experience. With its mission of delivering hands-on exploratory expeditions to discovery, Orlando Science Center guarantees a fun and learning experience, making it among the best things to do and outshining the tourist sites in Orlando that focus on non-exploratory activities.

Orlando Museum of Art

The Topkapi Museum, tucked away in the center of Istanbul, provides a peep into Ottoman lavishness. It used to be a palace and welcomed guests with many historical details. Now working as a museum, it displays over 80,000 objects illuminating Ottoman monarchs’ lives, including exquisite imperial jewelry and outdated manuscripts. Beautiful gardens, intricate tile work, and captivating views of the Bosporus may be discovered on its extensive grounds.

The Prophet Muhammad’s attire and the Spoonmaker’s Diamond are notable exhibitions of this museum. The extensive collection in the museum spans eras and offers a captivating journey through the splendors of the Ottoman dynasty, not to be unnoticed by history and cultural enthusiasts.

Mennello Museum of American Art

Take a plunge into the enchanting world of American art at the Mennello Museum of American Art, located in Loch Haven Park, just close to Lake Formosa. It is a cultural piece of art that has been there since 1998 and exhibits a wonderful permanent collection of paintings and sculptures from various American artists. In particular, there are fantastic pieces from the great American artist Earl Cunningham. 

This museum’s interactive programs, special exhibitions, and charismatic spots separate it as a must-do on any Orlando tour agenda. As its name implies, the Mennello Museum has a rich artistic heritage. The most interesting and exciting future exhibitions of self-taught black artists from the American South will allow those interested in art and history to dive deep into the world of beautiful art pieces.

Museum of Illusions Orlando

At the Museum of Illusions Orlando, situated within the epicenter of ICON Park, you will pry into the enigmas of perception and be amazed by the wonders of mind-bending optical illusions. This edutainment destination flaunts over 50 breathtaking exhibits and promises an immersive experience that offers an amazing challenge and entertainment to visitors of all ages. 

The museum begins with gravity-defying rooms and the most puzzling optical illusions while you try to understand the laws of optics. Energized by its unparalleled combination of education and amusement, the Museum of Illusions Orlando represents a must-see attraction and a novated tour stop in any Orlando tour itinerary.

Orlando Walking Tour

Set out for a fascinating and educational tour that will take you amidst the past of Orlando being led by an expert guide. This free-of-charge event, led by tourist guides (on the first Friday of each month from October to May), discloses the architectural and historical riches of the city. It is not only the popular landmarks but also the hidden spots that you can see during this interesting journey around the life of Orlando.

The walking tours either take on self-guided or with expert tour guides leading the way. This feature makes them some of the best things to do in Orlando, offering a deeper knowledge of the city’s culture and allure enough to signify their crucial place in any Orlando tour itinerary.

Hop-On-Hop-Off Orlando

Get to know the fascinating sites of Orlando by hop-on hop-off bus tours, allowing you to explore the city all by yourself at the pace you choose. Whether it be the International Drive or the spell-binding theme parks, these tours ensure the most fun-filled experience with unlimited choices of off-and-on destinations to hop. With live and audio commentary inside the balloon, guests can take in, with their senses, the lush views and the vivid historical sights of Orlando either during sunrise or sunset. 

Whether it is the busy city sidewalks or the tranquil park landscaping, the hop-on, hop-off bus tours are important Orlando tour itinerary details, being a highly convenient and inclusive way to explore the best of Orlando.

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