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About Lobkowicz Palace

Lobkowicz Palace stands gladly as a social gem in the core of Prague, a distinguished home that flawlessly winds around together history, artistry, and music. Arranged inside the famous Palace in Prague, this designed pearl coaxes guests to set out on a spellbinding excursion through its celebrated lobbies, uncovering the brilliant qualities of Bohemian history.

In the next 100 years, Lobkowicz Castle flaunts a celebrated legacy that reflects the rich embroidery of Prague’s past. Once home to the powerful Lobkowicz family, the palace has seen many political and cultural shifts over centuries. Its walls reverberate with stories of respectable supporters, creative undertakings, and the versatility of the Lobkowicz heredity despite verifiable disturbances.

Step inside Lobkowicz Castle, and you’ll experience a gold mine of craftsmanship and social relics. The royal residence’s assortment of grandstand works of art from prestigious specialists, authentic trinkets, and a fantastic cluster of brightening expressions. A nuanced perspective on the region’s development of art and culture is provided by how each room presents a distinct chapter in Bohemian history.

What is the history of the Lobkowicz Palace?

The historical backdrop of Lobkowicz Castle is interwoven with the embroidered artwork of Bohemian history. Initially underlying the sixteenth hundred years, the castle has seen time’s back-and-forth movement, getting through wars, upsets, and social movements. The Lobkowicz family, whose heritage is profoundly implanted in the royal residence’s walls, had a significant impact in molding the fate of Bohemia.

Lobkowicz Collections

Fundamental to the castle’s charm is the Lobkowicz Collections, a mother lode of artistry, curios, and compositions that traverses hundreds of years. The collections take you on a personal journey through Bohemia’s cultural and artistic development, from masterpieces from the Renaissance to Beethoven manuscripts.

House of Lobkowicz
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Tips for your visit to Lobkowicz Palace

  • Leave on a guided tour to unwind the tales behind the royal residence’s curios and assortments. Educated guides give setting, stories, and verifiable experiences, increasing your enthusiasm for the rich social legacy inside these walls.
  • The palace is open from Monday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. Going early can rid you of overcrowded corridors for a hassle-free experience.
  • Experience the enchantment of Bohemian music by going to a classical music concert in prague. The lavish environmental elements of the royal residence give an enthralling setting to exhibitions that reverberate the soul of the Czech melodic virtuoso.
  • Close your encounter with a stop at the Lobkowicz Palace Cafe. Enjoy delicious treats and aromatic coffee while taking in the stunning views of Prague as you unwind in the elegant setting.
  • Explore the palace gardens for a serene escape from the bustling city. Take a leisurely stroll amidst lush greenery and charming p

Book your tickets to see the Lobkowicz Palace

Take advantage of your visit to the Lobkowicz Royal residence by protecting your entry efficiently. Buy your tickets to the Lobkowicz Palace Museum in advance to avoid long lines and simplify your visit. Internet booking gives an issue-free choice, permitting you to design your investigation productively and guaranteeing a consistent passage to the castle’s fortunes. 

The tickets for a tour of the Lobkowicz Palace start from CZK 340, and those for the Midday classic concert start from CZK 490. The combo ticket for Lobkowicz Palace Ticket & Midday Concert costs CZK 690 while the self-guided Lobkowicz Palace and Prague Castle entrance tickets cost CZK 490. By pre-booking your tickets, you save time and have the adaptability to pick ideal time allotments that line up with your timetable. Jump into the rich history and social importance of the Lobkowicz Royal residence, realizing that your entry is gotten and your excursion through craftsmanship and legacy is anticipated without delays.

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How to arrive to Lobkowicz Palace

Exploring your direction to Lobkowicz Royal residence is a clear and captivating experience, arranged inside the noteworthy setting of the Prague Palace Complex. The following are two helpful choices for arriving at this social pearl:

Prague Castle Complex

The sprawling Prague Castle Complex, an iconic historical site, includes the Lobkowicz Palace. Within this architectural masterpiece, the palace can be reached easily on foot or by public transportation.  Follow the very much-checked signs inside the palace mind-boggling, driving you through the enamoring environmental elements to the entry of Lobkowicz Castle. The actual excursion turns into a piece of the charm as you cross through the rich history and social legacy of this notorious setting.

Public Vehicle

Boost the effectiveness of Prague’s associated public transport system to arrive at the Prague Palace Complex consistently. Cable cars and transport offer a helpful method of transportation, guaranteeing a smooth combination of your visit to Lobkowicz Royal residence into your city investigation. With effectively open cable car pauses and transport stations, you can explore your direction through the city and show up at the Prague Palace. Mind-boggling, prepare to submerge yourself in the artistry and history of the Lobkowicz Royal residence.

Whether you pick the captivating excursion through the Prague Palace mind-boggling or the productivity of public vehicles, showing up at Lobkowicz Castle is a brilliant piece of your investigation of Prague’s rich social embroidery. Make sure the journey is as memorable as the treasures inside this historic palace.

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