Strahov Monastery

What is the history of the Strahov monastery library?
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About the Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery, a persevering shelter on Petřín Slope in Prague, welcomes guests to dive into its celebrated history, social fortunes, and quiet environmental elements. Those seeking a tranquil haven and an immersive encounter with centuries of heritage are warmly invited to visit this monastic complex, which is intricately woven into Prague’s fabric.

Timeless Abode

Roosted nimbly on Petřín Slope, the Strahov Religious community demonstrates immortal design and profound heritage. The monastery has developed into a symbol of perseverance and a repository for cultural and historical treasures since its founding in the 12th century.

Rich Historical Tapestry

Saturated with history, Strahov Monastery winds around a rich embroidery that portrays the stories of its middle-age starting points, strict changes, and the recurring pattern of time. Its walls reverberate with the repercussions of priests’ serenades, insightful pursuits, and the getting through devotion to otherworldly examination.

Cultural Treasures

Strahov Monastery isn’t just a design; it’s a storehouse of social fortunes. Its libraries boast uncommon original copies, enlightened texts, and antiquated volumes that discuss scholarly pursuits traversing hundreds of years. The religious complex’s corridors and sanctuaries are decorated with perplexing works of art, making a vivid encounter for craftsmanship devotees and history fans alike.

History of the Strahov Monastery

Established in the twelfth century, Strahov Monastery has endured the breezes of time, seeing ages of progress, unrest, and social advancement. From its initial days as a position of love to persevering through different verifiable movements, the religious community has maintained a strong image of a profound legacy of a Monastery in Prague.

Theological and Philosophical Halls

At the core of the Strahov Religious community lies the enamoring Theological Hall and Philosophical Hall, vaults of information and shrewdness. An extensive collection of rare manuscripts, philosophical works, and theological treatises can be found in these halls. The air inside is instilled with the scholarly quests for priests and researchers for centuries.

How to visit to the Strahov Monastery
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Tips for your visit to the Strahov Monastery

  • Secure your entrance to Strahov Monastery hassle-free. Buy your Strahov Monastery tickets ahead of time to avoid long lines and take full advantage of your visit.
  • Set out on a directed visit through the Strahov Monastery Library. Plunge into the universe of exciting compositions and ancient books with a library visit. Learned guides offer bits of knowledge into the meaning of each piece, giving a more profound comprehension of the social abundance housed inside the abbey.
  • Find the creativity inside the Strahov Picture Gallery. Investigate the Picture Gallery to respect various works of art, figures, and relics. The walls of this cultural treasure combine religious themes, historical narratives, and artistic expressions.
  • Extend your exploration beyond the Strahov Picture Gallery to discover hidden gems within the monastery’s grounds. Take time to wander through tranquil courtyards, charming chapels, and peaceful gardens, immersing yourself in the monastery’s serene atmosphere.
  • After your visit, unwind and savor traditional Czech cuisine at a nearby restaurant. Indulge in local specialties such as goulash, dumplings, and Czech beer, providing a delightful conclusion to your cultural excursion at Strahov Monastery.

Book tickets to see the Strahov Monastery

Set out on an excursion of enhancement at Strahov Religious community by getting your tickets for a consistent encounter:

Buy your Strahov Monastery tickets easily, either on the web or at the entry, opening the way to a universe of social and verifiable marvels. Whether you pick the accommodation of internet booking or choose nearby, these tickets award you consistent admittance to the different attractions inside the religious community complex. The ticket price for adults is 150 CZK and for families it is 300 CZK. For children up to 6 years, the ticket is free and for seniors above 65 years old, the reduced ticket price is 80 CZK.

Consider purchasing your tickets online before arriving at Strahov Monastery for a hassle-free experience. Internet booking saves you time and guarantees a smooth passage, permitting you to design your investigation effortlessly. By getting your tickets ahead, you can boost your time inside the abbey, diving into its libraries, picture exhibitions, and focal points with practically no postponements. If suddenness is your inclination, stress not — Strahov Religious community tickets are likewise accessible for buying at the entry. 

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How to arrive to the Strahov Monastery

Leave on a superb excursion to Strahov Monastery with these transportation choices, guaranteeing a vital landing in this verifiable safe haven:

Public How to get to Strahov Monastery by public transport in Prague

Experience the accommodation of Prague’s effective public transport system to arrive at the foundation of Petřín Slope, the doorway to the Strahov Religious community. Load up cable cars or transports that interface flawlessly through the city, offering an agreeable and time-effective method of transportation. As you land at the foundation of Petřín Slope, a delicate and beautiful stroll through the rich environmental elements is anticipated, driving you to the entry of the abbey.

How to get to the Strahov Monastery on foot

For people who relish the delight of relaxed walks, a beautiful stroll from the Lesser Town or Prague Palace to Strahov Monastery is a magnificent choice. As you wander through the beguiling roads and embrace the tranquility of the excursion, the rich plant life and verifiable tourist spots make a dazzling scenery. This strolling course drives you to the abbey and permits you to relish the captivating feel of Prague, making the excursion as essential as the objective. Walking and Hiking: If you’re up for a scenic hike, you can trek up to Tibidabo from various starting points. Keep in mind that this option requires physical fitness and planning.

Guide to Strahov Monastery:
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