Narodni Muzeum

Landmark Narodni Museum
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About Narodni Muzeum

Welcome to the Narodni Muzeum, the Public Historical Center of Prague, a design and social milestone that embodies the substance of Czech history, science, and artistry. Arranged gloriously at the highest point of Wenceslas Square, the historical center is a guide of information, welcoming guests to investigate the rich embroidery of Czech legacy.

Galleries in Prague

As one of the conspicuous museums in Prague, the Narodni Muzeum stands apart for its far-reaching way of safeguarding and displaying the country’s different social and authentic fortunes. It fills in as a caretaker of the past and a custodian of the present, offering a nuanced comprehension of Czech personality.

Narodni Muzeum Exhibitions

Step inside the Narodni Muzeum and into a world of discovery. Each exhibit is a journey through Czech history and culture.

Czech Exhibition Hall of Music

Submerge yourself in the amicable domains of the Czech Exhibition Hall of Music. From the development of instruments to the traditions of prestigious writers like Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana, this Czech museum of music is an orchestra of Czech melodic legacy.

Antonín Dvořák Museum

Give proper respect to one of the best Czech authors at the Antonín Dvořák Museum. Explore this musical genius’s life and work to learn more about the cultural context that inspired some of the world’s most famous compositions.

Ethnographic Exhibition Hall of the Public Museum

Set out on a social odyssey at the Ethnographic Exhibition Hall of the Public Museum. In this ethnographic museum of the national museum, the practices, customs, and curiosities of different networks across the Czech grounds show some signs of life, offering a complete perspective on the country’s social mosaic.

The Ultimate Guide to the National Museum in Prague
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Tips for visiting the Narodni Muzeum

  • To delve deeper into the exhibits, consider taking a guided tour. Knowledgeable guides, familiar with the museum’s collections, breathe life into the curiosities, offering an informative context, historical insights, and engaging narratives.
  • Be on the lookout for special exhibitions, which may co-occur with your visit. Different parts of Czech culture, history, and craftsmanship are introduced in a new light by these brief shows, which center around specific subjects.
  • For families visiting the Public Exhibition hall, investigate the variety of family-accommodating activities presented by the establishment. Intelligent presentations, studios, and instructive projects take special care of the younger visitors, guaranteeing that the exhibition hall experience connects with and is agreeable for all ages.
  • Take advantage of interactive displays and educational programs tailored for families when visiting the Public Exhibition Hall.
  • Check the museum’s website or inquire upon arrival about any upcoming special exhibitions that may enhance your visit.

Book tickets to see the Narodni Muzeum

Take full advantage of your visit to the Prague Public Exhibition Hall by entering effortlessly with your purchased tickets. Buy your tickets to the National Museum of Prague in advance to avoid long lines and simplify your visit. Web-based booking gives a problem-free choice, permitting you to design your investigation proficiently and guaranteeing a consistent passage to the displays. 

The ticket price for Bedřich Smetana museum and Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum is around 40 to 50 CZK, whereas for Czech Museum of Music, the ticket price is around 80 to 120 CZK. By pre-booking your tickets, you save time and have the adaptability to pick ideal time allotments that line up with your timetable. Plunge into the different assortments and displays housed inside the Public Gallery, realizing that your entry is gotten and your excursion through history and culture is anticipated on time.

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How to arrive to the National Museum in Prague

Arriving at the National Museum of Prague is a simple and enjoyable experience. There are two easy ways to get to this important cultural institution:

How to get to the Narodni Muzeum by public transport

Use Prague’s well-connected public transportation system to get to the National Museum quickly and easily. Metro lines and cable cars offer a helpful and dependable method of transportation, guaranteeing consistent coordination of your historical center visit into your city investigation. With decisively found metro stations and cable car stops, you can undoubtedly explore your way to the core of Prague’s social legacy, showing up at the Public Historical Center prepared to drench yourself in its assorted displays.

How to get to the Narodni Muzeum on foot

For the people who favor a more relaxed approach, the Public Gallery’s focal area makes it effectively open on foot. Leave on a magnificent walk around the famous Wenceslas Square, relishing the energetic air and verifiable milestones that line the way to the Narodni Muzeum. As you approach this cultural treasure, the leisurely walk provides a scenic journey through Prague’s bustling streets and sets the stage for an immersive experience.

Whether you pick the proficiency of a public vehicle or the appeal of a comfortable walk, showing up at the Public Gallery of Prague is a consistent and pleasant piece of your investigation of the city’s rich history and social legacy. Leave the excursion to the exhibition hall alone as significant as the anticipated disclosures inside its walls.

Roof of Narodni Muzeum
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