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About Prague Jewish Museum

Investigate the rich, woven Jewish history and culture artwork at the Prague Jewish Museum. Settled in the city’s heart, this historical center is an entryway to the past, disentangling hundreds of years of the Jewish legacy in the energetic setting of Prague’s Jewish Quarter. The exhibition hall’s setting is the noteworthy Jewish Quarter Prague, a locale saturated with history. Meander through the limited cobblestone roads and find the significant impact of Jewish life on the cityscape. Temples, graveyards, and exhibition halls demonstrate a legacy that has persevered and prospered for ages.

Dive into the complexities of Jewish traditions exhibited all through the Jewish Quarter. From strict practices to social festivals, the historical center gives a far-reaching investigation of the traditions that have molded the character of the Jewish in Prague.

Parts of the Jewish Museum in Prague

Step into the reminiscent universe of the Prague Jewish Town, where each display is a window into an alternate part of history.

Maisel Synagogue

Maisel Synagogue is more than a structure; it’s a storehouse of recollections. Explore the objects that tell the story of the community’s resilience over centuries and its role in Jewish history.

Spanish Synagogue

An immersive journey through Jewish art, culture, and history begins with the stunning architecture of the Spanish Synagogue. Admire the intricate details of this cultural treasure.

Pinkas Synagogue

Pinkas Synagogue is a powerful sign of the effect of verifiable occasions on the Jewish people group. Consider the memorial to Holocaust victims, whose walls bear the names of those who perished.

The Old Jewish Cemetery

Meander through the Old Jewish Cemetery, a holy space that reverberates with accounts of previous eras. The gravestones, swarmed at this point noble, demonstrate the integrity of the persevering soul of the Jewish public.

How to Visit Prague's Jewish Museum
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Tips for visiting the Jewish Museum in Prague

  • When you visit the Prague Jewish Museum, it is truly enriching to improve how you might interpret the displays by choosing a guided tour. Trained guides well-versed in Jewish culture and history provide a more in-depth perspective.
  • It would be advisable to book the tickets online in advance where possible to avoid long queues at the entrance of the museum.
  • You may want to go for a combined ticket that allows you to visit several sites such as synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery.
  • Leave room for photography rules, as some areas may have restrictions to preserve artifacts and the dignity of the site.
  • Cover with respect and modesty when visiting religious places like the synagogues and cemeteries.
  • Jump into the dynamic universe of Jewish culture by looking at the gallery’s timetable for cultural events. These events provide a dynamic and engaging look at Jewish history. Participate in these gatherings to better understand the Prague Jewish Museum‘s rich cultural collection.
  • Consider settling on ticket packages that provide entry to various places of worship and the burial ground. These complete bundles offer an all-encompassing encounter, permitting you to dig into different features of Prague’s Jewish legacy.

Tickets to see the Jewish Museum in Prague

Take advantage of your visit to the Prague Jewish Town by rapidly getting your entry. Buy your Jewish Museum tickets on the web or at assigned ticket counters well ahead of time. This essential move saves you significant time and spares you from getting through lengthy lines, particularly during peak travel seasons. The price for an adult ticket is usually around CZK 400, and for children aged 6-15, the price is CZK 120. The ticket is free for children under 6 years old.

Allow the seamless entry to enhance your exploration of this significant cultural institution and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Jewish heritage, which includes moving testimony and historical artifacts.

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How to arrive to the Jewish Museum in Prague

Public transport

Use Prague’s practical and associated public transport system to arrive at the Jewish Quarter. Buses and trams make it easy to get to your destination because they are both dependable and convenient. The essential area of public vehicle stops close to the exhibition hall is considered a simple and tranquil excursion. Take a tram or bus to easily reach the heart of Prague’s historic Jewish Quarter, integrating your museum visit into your city tour.


For individuals who favor a more comfortable methodology, the exhibition hall’s focal area makes it effectively open on foot. Leave on a superb walk around the charming roads of Prague, drenching yourself in this locale’s rich history and social feel. As you meander through the enchanting pathways, you’ll have the chance to see the value in the building, ponder, find unlikely treasures, and retain the extraordinary air of this memorable region.

Arriving at the Prague Jewish Museum is a seamless and enjoyable part of exploring Prague’s cultural heritage, whether you choose the convenience of public transportation or the charm of a leisurely walk. Leave the excursion to the exhibition hall alone as significant as the anticipated disclosures inside its walls.

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