Burj Al Arab

About the Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab, often hailed as the “Tower of the Arabs” is an architectural marvel nestled on its private island just off Dubai’s coastline. Its striking sail-shaped design soars to a remarkable height of 1,053 feet, establishing it as one of the world’s tallest hotels. But the Burj Al Arab isn’t merely a skyscraper in Dubai; it’s a global symbol of Arabian luxury. With its lavish accommodations, delicious dining options, and stunning spa in Dubai, this iconic Burj Al Arab hotel is the epitome of pleasure. Since its inauguration in 1999, it has remained a benchmark of extravagant hospitality.

Booking a stay at the Burj Al Arab is an exclusive experience, offering guests the chance to revel in unparalleled comfort and breathtaking views. Dining at the SkyView bar is an exceptional journey. Home to some of Dubai’s most esteemed restaurants and bars, including those overseen by Michelin-starred chefs, it guarantees a gastronomic experience like no other. It also boasts a world-class spa in Dubai providing relaxing treatments. This splendid structure is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to luxury and hospitality, and it remains a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of Dubai’s grandeur.

The Complex

The Burj Al Arab is a world of luxury in itself. Perched on an artificial island, it extends well beyond the boundaries of its iconic sail-shaped structure. Burj Al Arab history can be traced back to 1993 when its construction started. It was designed by Tom Wright. The Burj AL Arab construction was completed in November 1999 and since then it has been the symbol of elegance. 

A standout feature of this iconic hotel is Burj Al Arab Terrace, an extensive outdoor area where guests can enjoy Dubai’s picturesque coastline. It provides exclusive access to the private Dubai beach, luxurious cabanas, and freshwater pools, creating a serene environment for relaxation. Furthermore, Burj AL Arab provides direct access to the famed Jumeirah Beach, a pristine stretch of sand perfect for sunbathing and leisurely strolls. Located in the prestigious Jumeirah area, guests also enjoy easy access to other attractions, including the exhilarating Wild Wadi Waterpark.

In essence, the Burj Al Arab offers a comprehensive experience that is enough to highlight Dubai’s luxury and hospitality. Whether seeking relaxation, adventure, or culinary excellence, this complex provides it all within its opulent embrace, making it an exclusive retreat for those who crave the best of Dubai’s offerings.

Tips for your visit

Visiting the Burj Al Arab is a unique experience that requires careful planning and consideration of key factors:


Experience the splendor of the Burj Al Arab with exclusive Inside Tour tickets. Adults (13+ years) can embark on this guided tour for just AED 249, while children (4-12 years) can join for AED 99. Remember to book your tour in advance to secure your spot. For a complete Arabian luxury experience, don’t forget to make bookings for the spa and dining options. Dive into a world of opulence, book Burj Al Arab tickets now, and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Burj Al Arab.

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How to arrive

To arrive at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, you have several transportation options:

By Bus: Board public buses like 15, 8, 83, or C1 heading towards Dubai Real Estate, Headquarters, Mankhool, or Street.

By Metro: Take the Dubai Metro Red Line and disembark at Al Jafiliya station, the nearest to the Burj Al Arab. From Al Jafiliya station, use a taxi, bus, or walk to reach the hotel.

By Taxi: The most convenient and direct way to reach the Burj Al Arab is by taxi. You can simply hail a taxi from anywhere in Dubai, and the driver will take you to the hotel. The Burj Al Arab has its dedicated drop-off area.

By Car: If you have access to a rental car or your own vehicle, you can drive to the Burj Al Arab. The hotel offers parking facilities, but you may need a reservation or a dining reservation to access it.

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