Dubai Miracle Garden

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About the Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a mesmerizing oasis in the heart of the desert, a floral wonderland that captivates visitors from around the world. This botanical wonderland is a testament to human creativity and nature’s resilience. The Dubai Miracle Garden opens its doors during specific months each year, usually from November to April when the weather is most conducive to the blossoming of millions of flowers.

Situated in the Dubailand area, the Dubai Miracle Garden location might surprise first-time visitors with the contrast it offers to the surrounding desert. The garden showcases a stunning array of ever-changing displays, featuring meticulously crafted designs like the magnificent Floral Clock, the delightful Teddy Bear, and the enchanting Smurfs Village.

Adjacent to the Dubai Miracle Garden lies the Dubai Butterfly Garden, a highly recommended companion attraction. This butterfly park offers a tropical escape where visitors can immerse themselves in the delicate beauty of these enchanting insects. Dubai Miracle Garden is a living testament to the harmony that can be achieved between nature and human innovation in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

The Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden stands as an example of the perfect combination of human creativity and nature’s unparalleled beauty. The Dubai Miracle Garden made its debut in 2013 and quickly became a renowned attraction in the city. It was a groundbreaking project, as creating a flourishing garden in the midst of the Dubai desert presented numerous challenges. Since then, this Dubai garden has evolved with each new season, introducing innovative designs and structures to captivate visitors. Each year, as the temperature begins to drop with the arrival of winter, Dubai Miracle Garden springs to life once more. This expansive 72,000-square-meter paradise bursts into bloom, boasting over 150 million vibrant flowers.  It has become a symbol of Dubai’s ability to transform adversity into an opportunity for creativity and beauty.

The heart of the garden showcases an intricate design that weaves together millions of colorful blooms into awe-inspiring structures and displays. Its floral arrangements provide a stunning view, featuring a wide variety of flower types, meticulously arranged to form captivating shapes, sculptures, and even full-sized structures. Notable features include a life-sized Teddy Bear covered in flowers showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. The intricately designed Floral Clock adds a touch of timelessness to the garden, while the charming Smurfs Village takes you to a realm of enchantment. Perched atop a hill, the garden offers a splendid vantage point for breathtaking views. The garden’s landscape architecture is carefully planned to ensure efficient water use and sustainability in the arid desert environment. Advanced irrigation systems and eco-friendly practices contribute to its maintenance.

Tips for your visit

Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden is a captivating experience, and here are some tips to make the most of your visit:


Experience the floral wonderland of Dubai Miracle Garden with ease. Tickets are priced at AED 95 for adults and seniors (ages 12 and above), and AED 80 for children aged 3 to 12. Children below 3 enter for free. Don’t miss your chance to explore this fragrant paradise. Book your Dubai Miracle Garden tickets now and embark on a journey through millions of blooming flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden.

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How to arrive

To reach Dubai Miracle Garden, you have several transportation options:

By Dubai Metro: Take the Dubai Metro and stop at the “Mall of the Emirates” metro station on the Red Line. From there, you can proceed to the garden using alternative transportation.

By Bus: You can take the RTA Bus route 105 from the “Mall of the Emirates” to reach Dubai Miracle Garden.

By Taxi: If public transportation is not convenient for you, taxis are readily available in Dubai. You can simply hire a taxi, provide the address for Dubai Miracle Garden, and the driver will take you there.

By Car: Dubai Miracle Garden is accessible by car, and there is ample parking available. You can use GPS or follow road signs to reach the garden. It’s recommended to have your own vehicle or arrange for a private transfer.

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