La Perle by Dragone

About La Perle by Dragone

La Perle by Dragone, a mesmerizing live show in the heart of Dubai, is a spectacular creation brought to life by the renowned Al Habtoor Group. Situated in Al Habtoor City, this captivating performance was created by the visionary Franco Dragone. This production brings a thrilling blend of artistry and breathtaking performances to a purpose-built aqua theater. It’s a captivating experience where the Al Habtoor Group, known for its commitment to excellence, meets world-class entertainment.

The most advanced Dubai theater was designed specifically to host the La Perle show and boasts a unique aqua stage that can transform from a dry platform to a water-filled wonder, adding an extra layer of enchantment. This breathtaking performance, which captivates spectators with a blend of acrobatics, water feats, and modern technology, has established itself as a must-see event in Dubai. For an unforgettable night out, immerse yourself in the world of La Perle and witness one of the most extraordinary live shows in Dubai.

La Perle Show

La Perle by Dragone is a spectacle that showcases a vibrant fusion of impressive artistic performances, technology, and astounding special effects at Al Habtoor City in Dubai, presented by Al Habtoor Group. The La Perle show, directed by the renowned Franco Dragone, offers an incredible mix of artistic feats, music, and breathtaking visual imagery, all set in a personalized aqua theater. With amazing music feats and innovative technology, it skillfully conveys the spirit of Dubai’s culture and energy while captivating viewers.


The La Perle performance unfolds in a 270-degree theater space, providing a uniquely immersive experience where spectators are enveloped by dramatic action. The stage is transformed as it floods with water and quickly drains, enabling spellbinding aqua and aerial stunts, such as artists plunging from great heights into the water below. This setup creates a thrilling visual spectacle, leaving the audience in awe, with a show that’s not only visually stunning but also culturally and artistically rich.

Venue and Stage

La Perle boasts a cast of 65 world-class performers from diverse cultures, engaging in gravity-defying acts, awe-inspiring dives, and adrenaline-pumping stunts. With a 2.7 million liter water capacity, the venue’s unique aqua theater creates the ideal environment for performances that blow audiences away and leave a lasting impression. The transformative stage, vibrant lighting, and world-class performances combine to make La Perle a captivating and unforgettable experience for all who attend.

La Perle Dress Code

The La Perle dress code adheres to a smart casual style, allowing guests to embrace elegance with comfort. For men, this typically involves chinos paired with a stylish yet relaxed shirt, with the option to elevate the look by adding a fitted suit. Women have the freedom to be more fashion-forward, whether donning tailored jumpsuits coupled with heels or opting for sophisticated dresses. The emphasis is on being comfortably stylish, encouraging a range of elegant yet relaxed attire to enjoy the immersive experience of the show.

Tips for your visit

When visiting La Perle by Dragone in Al Habtoor City, consider the following tips to enjoy your visit without any disruption:


Experience the breathtaking La Perle show! For an exceptional experience at La Perle, various ticket options cater to diverse preferences. The Bronze ticket, priced at 309 AED, offers seats up to 14 rows from the stage. Move closer to the action with the Silver and Gold tickets at 359 AED and 409 AED, respectively. For an immersive view, opt for the Platinum tickets at 559 AED. The VIP tickets, at 899 AED, provide exclusive benefits, including VIP entry, lounge access with complimentary refreshments, and prime seats. With a 270-degree theatre layout housing 1300 seats across 14 rows, every seat offers an excellent view. Book La Perle show tickets now for an unforgettable evening with the best view and exclusive perks.

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How to arrive

La Perle by Dragone is accessible by various transportation modes:

By Bus: Use various bus routes like 15, 21, 29, or F41 to reach La Perle. From Dubai Mall, take bus 50 to XL Tower 1, then a 20-minute walk.

By Metro: Using the metro take the Red line from Dubai Mall to Business Bay station. Walk or take bus F19A to XL Tower 1 and then a 20-minute walk to La Perle.

By Taxi: Hail a local taxi or use apps like Careem or Uber. Costs start at AED12 with an additional AED1.82 per kilometer.

By Car: Access La Perle via Sheikh Zayed Road at Al Habtoor City. Ample parking is available for visitors arriving by car.

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