Burj Khalifa

About Burj Khalifa

Standing as the highest structure in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is a remarkable example of human achievement, dominating the city’s ever-evolving skyline. Standing at an impressive 2,717 feet, it is the highest building in the world.  A visit to the “At the Top, Burj Khalifa” observation deck is a unique opportunity to witness the grandeur of Dubai’s urban landscape from dizzying heights. This modern marvel, boasting the highest elevation in Dubai, showcases the excellence of architectural innovation.

Being the highest tower in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa has become an iconic symbol of the city’s ambition and pioneering spirit. Its high-speed elevators whisk visitors to the summit, offering unmatched views of Dubai skyline and the city’s top view. Beyond just being a skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa is a symbol of Dubai’s constant commitment to pushing the boundaries in architecture and a permanent reminder of the city’s rise to global recognition.

The building

The Burj Khalifa proudly claims its title as Dubai’s highest tower and stands as a genuine masterpiece of contemporary architecture. Its awe-inspiring height of 2,717 feet surpasses all other skyscrapers in the city. The Burj Khalifa construction journey, commencing in 2004 and concluding in 2010, marked an immense undertaking that demanded substantial resources and expertise.

The Burj Khalifa construction cost, exceeding $1.5 billion, underscores its significance as an architectural marvel that has become synonymous with luxury and opulence. Inside its walls, numerous high-speed elevators smoothly transport visitors to its observation decks, where they can relish a bird’s-eye view of Dubai’s sprawling cityscape.

The Burj Khalifa transcends more than just a Dubai skyscraper; it represents an engineering marvel that represents the city’s unwavering sense of innovation and grandeur. Standing as an illustration of the city’s ambition and constant commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural success, its shadow covers the Dubai skyline and continues to inspire visitors globally.

Tips for your visit

Visiting the Burj Khalifa can be a remarkable experience, and here are some essential tips to make the most of your visit:


Discover Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa with a range of ticket options. General admission tickets offer an unforgettable experience, tickets priced at 160.71 AED for adults (12+) and 127.38 AED for children aged 4-12, with kids younger than 4 entering for free. For a truly elevated adventure, opt for the At the Top Sky experience on levels 148, 124, and 125. Enjoy breathtaking views at 526.43 AED for both adults and children (4-12 years). Don’t miss the chance to ascend the world’s tallest building and capture the essence of Dubai’s skyline. Book your Burj Khalifa tickets now and ascend to new heights!

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How to arrive

To arrive at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, you can follow several transportation options:

By Metro: The Dubai Metro, specifically the Red Line, offers a convenient way to reach the Burj Khalifa. Alight at the “Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall” station, which is in close proximity to the Burj Khalifa.

By Bus: If you opt for the bus, two routes, Route 27 and Route 29, service The Dubai Mall approximately every 16 minutes. Route 27 collects passengers from the Deira Gold Souk Bus Station, while Route 29 operates from the Ghubaiba Station.

Dubai Mall Shuttle: If you’re coming from The Dubai Mall, there’s a dedicated shuttle service that can transport you to the Burj Khalifa entrance.

By Taxi: Taking a taxi is a direct and efficient mode of transport. Taxis are readily available in Dubai, and you can simply provide the driver with the address of the Burj Khalifa to be taken to the entrance.

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