Museum of Illusions

Things to do in the museum of illusions in dubai

About Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions, nestled in the heart of Dubai, is a captivating attraction in Al Seef that fascinates curious minds of all ages. This optical illusion museum is regarded as one of the best museums in Dubai, offering an immersive experience filled with brain-teasing illusions, optical tricks, and interactive exhibits.

Visitors can explore a world of illusions where nothing is quite as it seems. The MOI Dubai showcases various surprising Dubai exhibitions, from gravity-defying rooms to holograms and confusing puzzles. You’ll be awed as you navigate through an array of optical illusions, questioning your perception of reality.

This illusion museum isn’t just about seeing illusions; it encourages active participation. Guests can interact with exhibits, participating in experiments challenging their understanding of physics and the mind. From the Vortex Tunnel to the Rotated Room, the MOI Dubai offers an enchanting journey into the world of the impossible, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and mind-blowing experience in Dubai.


Delve into an enthralling world of visual illusions at the Museum of Illusions. About over 60 exhibits challenge your senses and perceptions This intriguing best museum in Dubai is perfect for visitors of all ages, offering an astonishing experience that combines entertainment and education.

Illusion Rooms Dubai

The Illusion Rooms in this museum present a spectrum of intriguing spaces, from a titled room that distorts perception to the vortex tunnel, playing with visual senses, and the reversed room, flipping traditional orientation on its head. These rooms feature mind-boggling optical tricks that will leave you questioning reality.

Installations Dubai

The installations at the Museum of Illusions are equally fascinating. From classic favorites like the cloning table to unique experiences like the beuchet chair and a head on platter exhibit, each installation is designed to challenge your perception and provide an unforgettable experience.

Images Dubai

The collection of illusory Images such as holograms and optical illusions within the museum presents a journey of curiosity and wonder. These images invite visitors to reconsider the certainties of sight and perception. The optical illusion museum not only captivates but also prompts visitors to think deeply about how their mind interprets what they see.

Whether you’re visiting for fun or education, the Museum of Illusions in Dubai offers an enchanting journey through a world where reality and illusion intertwine, leaving you thoroughly mesmerized and with a fresh perspective on the power of perception.

Tips for your visit

The Museum of Illusions in Dubai, situated at Al Seef along the stunning Dubai Creek, offers an unparalleled visual experience. To make the most of your visit to this acclaimed attraction, consider these helpful tips.


Immerse yourself in Dubai’s Museum of Illusions! Adult tickets are priced at 90 AED, while children between 3-15 can explore for 65 AED (under 3 enter free). Seniors aged 60 and above can enjoy at 75 AED. Book Museum of Illusions tickets now for an enchanting experience at the best rates. Dive into the world of optical illusions and explore captivating exhibitions at the best museum in Dubai!

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How to arrive

The Museum Of Illusions location is easily accessible by public transport as well as by private vehicles as well:

By Metro: The closest metro stations to Al Seef are Al Fahidi Metro Station (Green Line) and Burjuman Station (Red Line). From there, you can take a short walk to the Museum of Illusions.

By Bus: The F70 bus route stops at Al Fahidi Station, which is a short walking distance from Al Seef. This bus route provides convenient access to the museum.

By Car: Arrive directly at Al Seef where the museum is situated. Parking is available on the Heritage side of Al Seef Mall, where the Museum of Illusions is located.

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