IMG Worlds of Adventure

About IMG Worlds

IMG Worlds of Adventure, located in Dubai, is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers and entertainment enthusiasts.  With a capacity to accommodate over 20,000 guests daily, it is the largest temperature-controlled indoor amusement park in the world, spanning an area of more than 1.5 million square feet. This mega theme park features six epic adventure zones, each with its unique charm. Among them, Marvel in Dubai and Cartoon Network theme park zones take visitors on a journey through the world of beloved characters and superheroes. The IMG Worlds map guides you through thrilling rides, bespoke experiences, and spine-tingling attractions.

What sets IMG Worlds of Adventure apart is its originality, with zones like IMG Boulevard, Haunted Hotel,  IMG Kids Zone and Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure, all crafted by the brand itself. It’s more than just a theme park; it’s an immersive world of fun and excitement. Situated in the city of Arabia, the IMG Worlds of Adventure location is a top-rated family-friendly destination, showcasing innovative experiences and exciting adventures on its IMG Worlds map, making it a must-visit spot among Dubai’s diverse theme parks. Whether you’re exploring Marvel’s superhero universe or Cartoon Network’s whimsical world, IMG Worlds of Adventure ensures a day filled with non-stop entertainment.

The park

IMG Worlds of Adventure stands as an iconic entertainment marvel, hosting a diverse range of thrilling Dubai theme parks. Each zone within this adventurous indoor theme park delivers a unique and enchanting experience, promising unbounded excitement for visitors of all ages. IMG Worlds map make it easy to navigate through this largest Dubai theme park. There are six theme parks within IMG World of Adventures:

Marvel Indoor Theme Park

The adventure begins with the impressive Marvel Indoor Theme Park, immersing guests in the iconic Marvel Universe. With various rides and activities themed around favorite Marvel Super Heroes, the zone offers an unparalleled experience. Visitors can meet their beloved Avengers in person during daily meet and greets, purchase Marvel merchandise, and delve into thrilling attractions like Hulk Epsilon Base 3D.

Dinosaurs Park Dubai – Lost Valley

Step into the prehistoric world of Lost Valley, where a diverse range of dinosaur-themed activities, rides, and eateries await. The zone offers a compelling journey back in time, presenting lifelike exhibits, interactive displays, and thrilling attractions based on dinosaurs. With adventures designed for all ages, visitors can experience the fascinating world of these ancient creatures.

Cartoon Network Kids Theme Park

The Cartoon Network theme park at IMG Worlds of Adventure brings to life beloved characters like The Powerpuff Girls, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, Adventure Time, and LazyTown. With fun rides, games, and attractions suitable for all age groups, this zone is a vibrant and exciting space for families to enjoy the best Cartoon Network-themed adventures.

IMG Boulevard

IMG Boulevard welcomes visitors with a diverse array of leisure, shopping, and dining experiences. Featuring interactive attractions, extensive retail outlets, and a wide range of dining options, this central zone promises hours of entertainment for all ages.

The Haunted Hotel

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Haunted Hotel is a thrilling experience. Featuring changing scenery, spooky characters, and challenging mazes, this immersive attraction challenges visitors to navigate through a ghoulish backdrop while finding their way out. Note that this attraction is open to guests aged 15 and older.

IMG Kids Zone

Catering specifically to young children, the IMG Kids Zone offers a vast inflatable playground, spanning over 17,172 square feet. Designed for maximum enjoyment, kids can engage in various activities like climbing walls, slides, a football pitch, and a sweeper game. Parents can witness their kids’ excitement and enjoyment in a safe, fun environment.

Tips for your visit

When visiting IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai, consider these helpful tips to make the most of your trip:


Experience adventure at world largest theme park in Dubai! General park admission tickets for IMG World are available for AED 345, providing access to thrilling zones and attractions like Marvel in Dubai and Cartoon Network. Families with little ones can enjoy the IMG Kids Zone at AED 50 for an hour or AED 100 for a full day of fun. Purchase your IMG World of Adventure tickets today for an unforgettable adventure in Dubai’s largest indoor theme park!

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How to arrive

IMG Worlds of Adventure location is easy to reach with various transportation options:

By Metro: Board the Red Line and alight at UAE Exchange Metro Station. Then, catch a taxi or the F55 bus to reach the park directly.

By Bus: Use the F55 bus from UAE Exchange Metro Station or take bus routes 106 from Mall of the Emirates or 102 from Ibn Battuta Metro Station.

By Taxi: Hail a taxi directly from any location in Dubai to reach IMG Worlds of Adventure conveniently.

By Car: Drive to E311 (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road) and park at the designated area at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

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