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About Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame, a modern architectural marvel, stands proudly as one of the city’s most iconic Dubai landmarks. Resembling an immense picture frame, the Dubai Frame offers unparalleled vistas. To the north, it provides a glimpse into Dubai’s historic district, while the south-facing view showcases the modern cityscape in all its glory. But the Dubai Frame is more than just a viewpoint; it’s a journey through time.

Rising to an impressive height of 150 meters and 93 meters in width, the Dubai Frame allows you to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Its unique design represents a symbolic connection between the old and new Dubai. Situated in Zabeel Park, the Dubai frame location provides an ideal backdrop to explore the city’s rich history and promising future. Step onto the Sky Deck’s transparent glass bridge, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.

Inside the Dubai Frame, you’ll discover a museum that delves into the city’s transformation from a modest fishing village to a global metropolis. This immersive experience allows you to journey through time and witness Dubai’s remarkable evolution.

The Dubai Frame Museum

At the heart of the Dubai Frame lies a captivating journey through time, offering visitors a chance to explore the intriguing story of Dubai. This innovative Dubai museum, nestled within the iconic structure, showcases the evolution of this remarkable city. As you enter, you are transported back in time to historic Dubai, a city of modest beginnings. Here, you discover the roots, culture, and heritage that laid the foundation for the Dubai we know today.

The Museum of Dubai Frame comprises three distinct galleries. Honoring the city’s modest beginnings as a fishing village and its gradual evolution into a global metropolis, the “Old Dubai Gallery” pays tribute to the city’s origin. A glimpse of modern-day Dubai, with all of its inventiveness and energy, is offered by the “Present Dubai Gallery”. Lastly, the “Future Dubai Gallery” provides a fascinating look into Dubai’s envisioned future, featuring innovative developments and ambitious goals.

As you explore this museum, you’ll witness Dubai’s remarkable journey, from its past to its exciting destiny. It’s a must-visit location for anybody interested in learning more about the story of Dubai since it demonstrates the city’s dedication to both preserving its legacy and embracing modernity.

Tips for your visit to Dubai Frame

Visiting the Dubai Frame offers a chance to connect with Dubai’s history and future in an engaging and visually stunning way. Be sure to follow these tips for a memorable and educational experience.

Book Tickets for Dubai Frame

Discover the captivating history and visionary future of Dubai with affordable tickets to the Dubai Frame. Adults can embark on this immersive journey for just AED 50, while children aged 3-12 years can join in for AED 20. Plus, infants under 3 years enjoy free entry. Don’t miss this opportunity to bridge time and vision in one of the most iconic Dubai landmarks. Get your Dubai Frame tickets now and step into a world where history meets innovation.

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How to arrive to Dubai Frame

To reach the Dubai Frame, you can use the Dubai Metro or take a bus. Here are the details for both options:

By Dubai Metro: Take the Red Line of the Dubai Metro and disembark at the Max Metro Station. From there, it’s a short and pleasant walk to Zabeel Park, where the Dubai Frame is situated.

By Bus: You can also opt for Bus line F09, which runs between Al Wasl Park and Al Jafiliya Bus Station, passing through Satwa. This bus takes a circular route, stopping at various locations.

By Taxi: Taxis are readily available and offer a convenient way to reach the Dubai Frame. Simply provide the address, and the driver will take you to this iconic landmark.

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